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What Can You Do with a Smart Edge?

Real-time monitoring. Remote automation. Predictive maintenance. Production analytics for optimization. Cloud-based reporting.

These are just a few of the IIoT applications that you can enable with FreeWave’s IQ industrial edge computing platform: the choice for enterprises seeking to connect, control, and optimize remote machines and processes.

Our eBook shows you how the FreeWave platform is being used by enterprises across industries to solve problems today, and to capitalize on future opportunities that come with a smart edge.

What Makes FreeWave’s IQ Platform Smarter?

iq platform for edge computingWe’ve infused our rugged, C1D2-certified Zum products, designed for continuous low-power operation, with our IQ Application Environment, an open source development platform. The result?

  • Run third-party edge applications using Linux
  • Enable IIoT solutions without replacing existing radios or devices
  • Extend the life of in-place networks by 3 to 5 years
  • Optimize existing bandwidth – up to 80% reduction!
  • Reduce latency by processing on the edge
  • Connect agnostically across frequencies and platforms

You can also rapidly get cloud-enabled: FreeWave offers a turn-key solution to seamlessly extend Amazon Web Services (AWS) computing to the network edge.

See the Value

Explore our eBook to see how FreeWave is enabling diverse market leaders to reap the benefits of remote visualization, monitoring & control, machine learning & predictive analytics, and other advanced IIoT applications.

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