Meet FreeWave Edge – the next generation of cloud-enabled intelligence. 


FreeWave Edge is a data platform that’s ideal for Solutions Providers, Developers, and Industrial Site Managers.

The FreeWave Edge data platform helps you extract real-time data from your sensors and devices. It also allows you to configure custom alerts and data processing for your operations, connects to your preferred reporting system or cloud and gives you alerts and reports via MQTT and email. 

What does FreeWave Edge do? FreeWave Edge provides event-driven data capture, Modbus support, and more. It also comes equipped with API-enabled sensors and robust compute capabilities for custom logic at the edge. 

Why do you need FreeWave Edge? Because your operations are suffering from not enough data, unreliable data, or extended data read cycles, and it’s time to get smart.

FreeWave Edge Provides:

    • Data inputs from standard industrial protocols, ZumEdge inputs, and the ability to bring your sensors and data formats
    • Data processing and configurable alerts and reporting via email
    • The ability to publish data to the enterprise tool of your chose via MQTT
    • Sensors Push API - Push your data though the platform for processing

How to Buy           Getting Started

          Manage your Sensors

           Customize your Alerts


    Systems Integrators & Solution Providers: With FreeWave Edge, you can quickly increase network efficiency and configure data processing for your customers, all with a simple web interface on your edge device.

    Developers: Instead of managing industrial protocols and edge processing, you can focus on developing data inputs and enterprise applications by building edge processing atop the FreeWave platform.

    Industrial Site Managers: Make better decisions and always understand how your industrial operations perform with user-customized monitoring and alerts.

    FreeWave Edge provides:

      • Data processing and publishing for standard protocols
      • Seamless software management and deployments
      • The ability to connect to the cloud of your choice
      • Event-driven data collection
      • Modbus Support
      • API-enabled sensors
      • Robust compute for custom logic at the edge
      • Publishing


    FreeWave Edge

    An innovative data platform that’s perfect for Solutions Providers, Developers, and Industrial Site Managers.

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