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Founded in 1993 by Steve Wulchin and Jonathan Swayer, FreeWave has been dedicated to delivering customers their mission-critical data since our very inception. Over the years, we’ve evolved our products, and our company, with the edge computing capabilities needed to match and capitalize on the constantly changing landscape of IIoT.

Evolving Edge IoT With Data-Driven Decisions.

FreeWave started over three decades ago designing rugged, purpose-built communications systems and grew to become a leader in IIoT transport and RF IoT solutions. Since then, we’ve been leading our customers to real-time data, analysis, and other applications that make it easier for them to be successful.

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There are three words we use to describe leadership: vision, direction, and support. These things can only be put into action when a team works together, and at FreeWave, our leaders are just one part of that team. Everyone pulls in one direction, with one goal: making our customers' lives easier, better, and more fulfilling.

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