FGR3 Series

900 MHz Industrial Radio for Reliable Data Communications

The FGR3 radio offers best-in-class range and reliability, making it a great choice for connectivity to serial devices in the most demanding applications. FGR3 radios are backward compatible with the FGR2, FGR, and DGR Series of FreeWave serial radios, enabling customers to leverage and extend their existing investment.

FGR2-IO Series

900 MHz Remote I/O Solutions

Companies turn to FreeWave for I/O wireless solutions that are rugged, easy to use, flexible, and cost-effective. Our I/O portfolio, including the FGR2-IO Series, drives wireless industrial operations and provides the foundation for process automation and savings.

FGR2-IO radios are available as standalone board-level or enclosed devices, as well as in an expandable format to meet any wireless I/O need. All models can operate in one of two modes: Modbus and Wire Replacement. In Modbus mode, all radios can be directly connected as an I/O peripheral to a SCADA network. For wireless replacement mode, FGR2-IOS and FGR2-IOE can operate as a slave connected to an FGRIO-M master.

Key Features

  • Versatile

    User configurable as I/O digital or analog; embedded I/O functions available as a board-level device or in an enclosure.

  • Cost-Effective, Easy to Deploy

    Operates in unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum

  • Long Range

    Up to 97 km (60 miles) with clear line of sight with the ability to extend through Endpoint/Repeater; Modbus Gateway can be any FGR Series radio

  • Error-Free Communications

    32-bit CRC with automatic retransmissions

  • Low Power

    Ideal for solar-powered applications

  • Secure

    Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology prevents detection and unauthorized access.

  • Noise Immunity

    Superior performance in noise-congested environments

  • Industrial Grade

    Class I, Division 2 certified; operating in temperatures from -40°C to +75°C

All Models

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We’ll help you decide. See an example of these radios in use, or tell us your operational requirements so that we can recommend your best-fit solution.

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