Connected Devices

Connect to Your Data. Anywhere.

Collecting data and connecting your network is simple and cost effective when leveraging the FreeWave Fusion solutions. With industry-leading protocols, we can connect your network—wherever it is.

FreeWave Connected Devices

The FreeWave Fusion solutions leverage a myriad of technologies to make expanding your network seamless. Whether you need long-range, low-power, or a custom setup, FreeWave is the answer.


Connectivity is the core of our business, and getting the job done right is the core of yours. That’s why these solutions have a long life-span and are designed to work in rugged environments.

Case Studies

FreeWave Helps Faulconer Energy Overcome Costs and Minimize Failures

With monthly service costs rising to untenable numbers, Falconer Energy turned to FreeWave to help overcome the challenges brought on by their third-party alarming system.​

Livestock Facility Embraces FreeWave's Remote Monitoring​

Discover how one Rocky Mountain-based livestock facility has embraced remote monitoring and real-time data to reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency.​

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See how you can rapidly evolve your edge with FreeWave’s help.​



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