FreeWave has created a multi-radio edge compute platform with gateways, edge data analytics, and applications.

Today, we see the potential that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has to truly transform how companies run widespread and remote operations. That’s why we’ve infused our products with new edge computing capabilities, delivering an ecosystem of solutions evolved for IIoT and ready to bring exponential efficiency and productivity gains to our customers.



Edge Evolved.

To achieve transformative operational optimization, you need visibility into data — as well as the ability to proactively manipulate it and act on insights gained from it. FreeWave gives you the power to do it all, delivering the only ecosystem of edge intelligent radios and solutions to transform the extreme edge of your operation into a connected part of your enterprise.

We’ve added IQ compute power to our rugged, ultra-reliable products and in turn unleashed your ability to optimize remote operations in an autonomous way. Designed to build upon and enhance existing infrastructure, our integrated edge connectivity and computing solutions immediately give you expanded capabilities for high-fidelity data capture, analysis, control, and automation via a single IIoT platform that is readily scaled as your edge computing needs evolve.

Your Intelligent Edge is closer than you think.



With FreeWave as your partner, IIoT is not a far-off vision but a near-term reality. Every edge environment, from oilfields to solar farms to military theaters, holds untapped efficiency and performance gains – and they can only be accessed by pushing intelligence to where operations are taking place. FreeWave holds the key to unlocking that potential, fast.

Our Mission in Action

Food, Air, Energy, Water – preserving these essential resources today is critical to sustain generations to come. That is why we’re committed to continually building upon our edge computing platform to help customers maximize resource output, preserve resource quality, and make those resources accessible to all. Here are just a few examples of how we’re fulfilling our mission today:

Strengthening the Global Food Chain

FreeWave’s plaform powers precision agriculture technologies to preserve natural resources while maximizing crop yield. Farms of all sizes and the leading agriculture OEMs depend on our edge connectivity and computing solution to support everything from soil moisture monitoring to remote pivot irrigation control to RTK-guided autonomous tractors.

Learn how customers are enabling sustainable farming practices with FreeWave here.

Protecting Air Quality and Lives by Air

In addition to supporting applications for weather monitoring and clean air measurement, FreeWave provides the critical control, telemetry, and payload links to drones used for search and rescue, medical and food supply drops, and more.

These autonomous systems are protecting health and saving lives worldwide.

Enabling Sustainable Energy Strategies

With FreeWave, oil & gas, mining, wind, solar, and electric operations can remotely access real-time data needed to optimize production in every corner of their operation, and implement automation applications to create more output at a reduced carbon footprint.

Learn how Energy companies are using FreeWave’s edge computing solution to deliver more cost-effective, greener power here.

Preserving the World’s Water Supply

We’re helping the water & wastewater industry advance their conservation initiatives while empowering them to better address regulatory and environmental changes through rapid modernization of their critical water infrastructure. Our edge computing platform overlays as the ‘smart’ layer needed for remote monitoring and real-time control.

See how Canada’s Sylvan Lake is leveraging FreeWave to preserve water quality here.

Problems, Solved.

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We’ve worked alongside hundreds of clients across industrial industries to resolve their connectivity issues and help them capitalize on the opportunities of computing at the edge.

Our team’s problem-solving mentality and dedication to customer satisfaction has propelled their success for nearly 30 years.

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We’ve been connecting the industrial edge since our very start, and we know what it takes to overcome challenges inherent in these harsh environments.

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Our robust and flexible portfolio gives you multiple ways to address network challenges and capitalize on IIoT opportunities – today and well into the future.

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