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Everywhere remote operations run.

If it’s rugged and industrial, it’s FreeWave.

With deployments in over 32 countries, our products are leveraged by end users and OEMs alike to connect, control, and optimize remote machines and processes in ways that enable smarter actions, significant efficiency gains, and immediate cost savings.

Throughout our 26+ year history, we’ve helped thousands of customers achieve reliable connectivity for data telemetry and command and control in some of the most challenging, remote, and rugged environments in the world.

Now, with the rapid proliferation of ‘smart’ devices in the field, we saw an opportunity to bring even more performance benefits to our industrial customers by infusing our rugged, ultra-reliable radios with IQ edge computing capabilities, and delivering an ecosystem of solutions evolved for IIoT.

See how FreeWave’s Edge Evolved offerings are ready to transform operations, today.

edge computing for oil and gas

Oil & Gas / Energy

Enhancing and extending existing SCADA systems with edge computing capabilities.
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edge computing for precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Enabling smarter farming practices through real-time insights and control.
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edge computing for government and defense

Government & Defense

Powering intelligent unmanned platforms with compute power onboard.
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edge computing for water / wastewater

Water / Wastewater

Enabling intelligent processes to drive plant efficiency and innovation.
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edge computing for utilities


Supporting new IIoT capabilities that give utility providers a smarter edge.
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edge computing for petrochemical plants


Helping plants move from reactive to proactive refinery management for transformative ROI.
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edge computing for industrial manufacturing industry 4.0

Industrial Manufacturing

Delivering a robust IIoT edge platform to capitalize on Industry 4.0 opportunities.
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edge computing for traffic and transportation

Transportation & Traffic

Enabling a smarter way to move people and cargo – quickly and in the most cost-effective ways.
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edge computing for oems


Adding IQ intelligence to our compact radios for big performance gains.
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