Getting Started with the FreeWave Fusion™ Platform

Seamlessly connect WiFi-enabled devices with headquarters and create more opportunities for connectivity, efficiency, and asset management.

Data is everywhere, but WiFi isn’t. And without on-site connectivity to gather and share real-time data, your operations could be suffering.

Whether you’re new to the FreeWave Fusion platform or adding modular components to your system, you’ll find the right information at your fingertips.


The FreeWave Fusion Wi-Fi Bridge Quickstart Guide

The FreeWave Fusion Wi-Fi Bridge is designed to create a seamless Wi-Fi access point (AP) anywhere on a ZumLink network. This allows Wi-Fi devices and sensors to be connected in remote and rugged locations, without extra wiring or special networking.

Fusion Satellite Quickstart Guide

The FreeWave Fusion Satellite is designed to create a global connection for your IoT needs. This guide will walk you through the first-time setup and configuration of the Fusion Satellite, setting up the antennas and introducing the major functions of the device.

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