WaveContact Series

Modular Wireless Systems

WaveContact Modular Wireless Systems deliver rugged, simple, and flexible solutions at a low CAPEX or OPEX price point for a wide array of industries and applications.

WaveContact interfaces with a range of sensors deployed in industrial and critical infrastructure markets such as oil and gas, electric power, water / wastewater, and environmental monitoring. The WaveContact product line is built for short-range field applications where simplicity and ease of use in Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations are critical for success.

Key Features

  • Ruggedized

    Robust products for Class I, Division 1 and Class I, Division 2 outdoor installations

  • Low Power

    Battery and solar devices power sensors

  • Simple to Install and Operate

    Easy configuration with network up and running in minutes

  • Flexible Networks, Modular Endpoints

    Compatible with any sensors

  • Cost Competitive

    Installed costs competitive with 60 feet of installed conduit

  • Powerful Data Transmission

    Allows data transmission not feasible with conduit (road crossings, paved facilities)


WaveContact Family

Modular Wireless Systems

WC45i Models

Integrated Wireless Gateways

WC20i Models

Modular Endpoints

WC25i Models

Wireless IO Modules

WC30i Models

Wireless Pressure Sensors

WC30i-TZ Models

Wireless Flow Totalizers

WC30i-AXIS Models

Wireless Angle Sensors

WC40i Models

Modbus Wireless IO Systems


Batteries, Connection Cables, and More

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