ZumEdge® Industrial Radio: Smarter, Faster, and More Efficient

Access the data you need and make decisions on the edge in the harshest environments – in minutes, not hours – without traditional SCADA connections.

ZumEdge is FreeWave’s newest Edge intelligence product and features I/O connectivity and easy installation and setup. It’s similar to our ZumLink Rugged  900 Series Ethernet Radio, but with extra features and functionality, and includes the IQ Application Environment.

Without Ethernet or SCADA infrastructure, critical data is often lost in the field, creating inefficiencies and added cost. ZumEdge with an I/O module creates a direct sensor connection allowing you to access data in the field and make decisions quickly.

ZumEdge is ideal for industries that require sensor data capture and measurement in rugged, isolated, and potentially hazardous environments. ZumEdge allows you to automate decision making and use data infrastructure like MQTT and other third-party platforms to build smarter, faster, and more efficient networks without adding infrastructure or modifying systems.

Key Features

  • Connect Analog and Digital IO Devices

    ZumEdge allows you to connect analog and digital IO devices directly to the IIoT network through IOEX expansion modules.

  • Configure up to 15 IOEX Modules

    The ZumEdge configuration tool gives you the ability to quickly and easily configure up to 15 IOEX modules (up to 180 individual IOs, depending on the configuration).

  • Easily Configure Applications

    The ZumEdge software implements a REST API, allowing you to easily configure applications that control and read IO over ethernet using an API.

  • The IQ Application Environment Comes Standard

    ZumEdge comes standard with the FreeWave IQ Application Environment. Create on-board smart applications and make decisions on the Edge.

  • Self-Contained IO and Network Configuration Tool

    The IO and network configuration tool is contained on the device and delivered as a web page for remote configuration – no extra software required.

  • DIN-Rail-Mountable Case

    ZumEdge is housed in a DIN-Rail-Mountable case.

  • ZumEdge Comes With the Z9 Radio Module

    ZumEdge contains the Z9 Radio Module, making it over-the-air compatible with existing ZumLink networks and implements ZumLink network management software.



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Is ZumEdge right for my application?

We’ll help you decide. See an example of our radios in use, or tell us your operational requirements so that we can recommend your best-fit solution.