Industrial IoT connectivity with an INTELLIGENT EDGE

Remote operations run smarter with FreeWave.

We are pleased to announce the joint venture between FreeWave and ModuSense.


A new edge platform solving the problem of lost data, low quality data collection, connectivity gaps and congested networks.

Introducing Fusion™ Bridge

Our new WiFi Connectivity and Dual-Radio Gateway seamlessly connects WiFi-enabled devices with headquarters to create opportunities for connectivity, efficiency, and asset management.

Accelerate IIoT transformation with the FreeWave edge computing platform.

Solve Customer Problems. Enable Smarter Operations.


Download our eBook to discover how FreeWave’s IQ platform is enabling industrial enterprises across verticals to: 

  • Distribute data processing to free up bandwidth and minimize latency to gather more data, more quickly
  • Access real-time data in centralized dashboards available to all department to analyze and act on
  • Allow industrial devices to act locally on the data they generate while leveraging the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage
  • Power real-time monitoring, edge automation, predictive optimization, and more – using existing infrastructure

Discover FreeWave’s Solutions

See how this combined solution enhances industrial process intelligence and decision-making.


Edge Compute Platform

Software Platform