Long-range industrial IoT connectivity with an
Intelligent Edge

Remote operations run smarter with FreeWave.


Create your entire edge ecosystem to power next-gen IIoT applications, today.

FreeWave’s integrated industrial computing and connectivity platform makes it easy to automate and optimize remote site operations, and access and act on edge data anywhere.

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“Building Smart Industrial Monitoring Solutions with Economies of Scale”


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FreeWave’s platform makes it possible to readily develop, deploy, and manage your IIoT edge ecosystem, driving new value at every step.


remote monitoring and control

Rapidly enhance existing SCADA systems with cloud connectivity for new levels of interoperability.


Automate & Enhance
decision-making at remote sites

Run any number of edge applications for real-time local analysis and control, enriched by IoT insights.


how remote operations run

Move from reactive models to predictive optimization with data equally accessible to all who need it.

  • Oil & Gas / Energy

    Proactive remote monitoring of performance vectors is now possible through FreeWave’s IQ Application Environment and ZumLink IQ radios.

    –Jacob Abel, Project Manager, Accuflow

    Case Study

    FreeWave's IQ enables $15,000 in manual inspection cost savings.

    See how this California energy company used FreeWave's edge intelligent platform to immediately reduce field personnel deployments and truck roll costs for well pad inspections.


  • Government & Defense

    FreeWave’s radios are a fraction of the cost of a fiber-optic cable installation at the same level of reliability.

    Case Study

    FreeWave's wireless M2M saves Solarbeam 50% in maintenance and monitoring costs.

    Learn how FreeWave’s wireless M2M communications solutions and Solarbeam’s monitoring technologies combine to provide around-the-clock, real-time intrusion detection and perimeter monitoring.


  • Water / Wastewater

    FreeWave’s long-range wireless M2M network was ideal for connecting the remote assets in this installation.

    Case Study

    FreeWave brings 50% cost savings to Sangamon Valley Public Water District.

    See how FreeWave's radios for high-speed SCADA communications empowered this water supplier to track, manage, report, archive, and control equipment and settings—leading to monumental cost savings.


  • Precision Agriculture

    FreeWave technology increased visibility so operators can quickly diagnose why a tractor has stopped and remedy the situation to save time and money.

    Case Study

    FreeWave helps Florida orchard navigate autonomous tractor with 1cm-level accuracy.

    Learn how FreeWave's M2M communications network enables the use of RTK for high-accuracy guidance of autonomous tractors across a 3,300-acre grove.


  • Utilities

    FreeWave’s purpose-built solutions enable CFE to achieve optimal connectivity despite skyscrapers, tree coverage, and high RF noise levels.

    Case Study

    FreeWave empowers utilities provider in Mexico to serve over 27 million residents.

    Discover how FreeWave helped Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) tackle the distance and line-of-sight challenges of smart grid communications.


  • Petrochemical

    Once deployed, the system OPEX was nearly zero, and by utilizing the ZumLink platform, there was no cost for the boost in data throughput.

    Case Study

    Future-proof ZumLink radios provide a low CAPEX upgrade.

    Discover how a Fortune 500 oil and natural gas exploration company used FreeWave’s ZumLink Z9-PE radios to enhance operations and reduce costs at the wellhead level.


  • Industrial Manufacturing

    The application was written in a matter of days and only took an additional 2 days to install and set up the network.

    Case Study

    ZumIQ increases throughput by 25% with intelligent factory floor optimization.

    Discover how FreeWave enabled a 25% improvement in throughput and $50,000 savings in software costs for this industrial manufacturer.


freewave products

From module to board to enclosure.

With complete and flexible solutions for edge connectivity and computing, we first understand your operational challenges and then recommend the products optimized to those unique requirements.

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