FreeWave Fusion™ Bridge: Connect Remote WiFi Assets, and Get More Value from Your Data

Our dual-radio WiFi bridge adds seamless WiFi connectivity to remote 900MHz networks.

Fusion Bridge is the latest addition to FreeWave’s product family and introduces WiFi connectivity and sensor fusion to 900 MHz networks. Without Fusion Bridge, on-site data is often inaccessible until it’s within range of headquarters. Integrators have to install routers at each location to get WiFi connectivity, and unattended equipment and assets are left vulnerable to security threats and theft. 

With Fusion Bridge, your mobile equipment is WiFi-enabled, allowing for the seamless connection of smart devices with headquarters; technicians can install Fusion Bridge on truck systems to enable WiFi connectivity anywhere within the truck’s range. And Fusion Bridge eliminates the security concerns of an always-on remote AP and helps protect on-site assets through the quick and easy integration of off-the-shelf wireless security equipment.

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FreeWave Fusion™ Bridge


Key Features

  • Introduces WiFi connectivity and WiFi sensor fusion to 900MHz networks
  • Over-the-air compatible with FreeWave ZumLink networks
  • Adds instant WiFi connectivity to remote and mobile assets
  • Connect WiFi devices to existing and new 900MHz networks
  • An easy, browser-based configuration
  • Connect any WiFi device, including sensors, tablets, smartphones, and cameras
  • OEM-ready with a brandable software interface
  • Comes standard with a Linux application development environment 
  • The latest FreeWave Edge software features are available


FreeWave Fusion™ Bridge

Connect Remote WiFi Assets, and Get More Value from Your Data

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