FreeWave Fusion™ Bridge: Our WiFi Connectivity and Dual-Radio Gateway

Seamlessly connect WiFi-enabled devices with headquarters and create more opportunities for connectivity, efficiency, and asset management.

Fusion Bridge is your operations game-changer. It’s a dual-radio WiFi Bridge that adds seamless WiFi access point connectivity to remote 900MHz networks. Fusion Bridge lets you connect multiple wireless devices and sensors in the field and create new opportunities for connectivity, efficiency, and asset management.

Data is everywhere, but WiFi isn’t. And without on-site connectivity to gather and share real-time data, your operations could be suffering.

Fusion Bridge gives you anywhere, anytime data access.

  • Securely connect remote and mobile assets for instant data access
  • Connect to new and existing 900 MHz networks up to 60 miles for general communication
  • Simplify installation and networking set up to collect on-site asset data
  • Provide mobile field workers in remote areas with a safe and secure method to collect and send data to headquarters
  • Publish real-time WiFi sensor data to the cloud for more efficient operations and improved decision making
  • Improve security through easy on-site installation and integration with off-the-shelf wireless security equipment
  • Get a future-ready platform for deploying AI, ML operations, and data collection

Create new opportunities for efficiency, connectivity, and improved business outcomes and protect on-site assets with Fusion Bridge. Your operations will never be the same.


FreeWave Fusion Bridge

FreeWave’s new dual-radio gateway, bringing WiFi connectivity to remote areas on a ZumLink Network.

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