Connecting and creating digital water treatment and distribution systems

Today’s water industry leaders are searching for smarter solutions to drive efficiency and innovation.

For many plants, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the answer, providing deeper operational insights that power greater uptime, site automation, and real-time performance management. FreeWave enables water utilities to take advantage of these opportunities, today.

Add a Smart Layer to Rapidly Advance Water/Wastewater Treatment Efficiencies

FreeWave’s wireless networking solutions are proven at reliably connecting diverse water utilities assets from basins to pump stations, water tanks, and more — all across expansive, rugged areas. Now, we’re enhancing that connectivity through our IQ-infused offerings which add edge computing for data processing at the source, where these assets physically reside. Our edge computer and edge intelligent radios can be used to rapidly upgrade existing SCADA systems with IIoT capabilities at a fraction of the cost to replace PLCs or RTUs already in the field. Edge processing can free up 80% or more of existing bandwidth, allowing plants to immediately get more data from the same devices and with much lower latency than typical poll-response topologies.


Rugged Wireless Radios Embedded to Enclosed


Edge Computing
For Smart Edge Applications

Edge Sensing
For Real-time Remote Monitoring


What’s Enabled

With FreeWave’s reliable RF foundation and edge computing platform, water treatment plants can enable any number of smart applications, including but not limited to:

Remote Tank Monitoring
Remote Tank Monitoring
Water Level Automation
Water Level Automation
Network Bandwidth Optimization
Network Bandwidth Optimization
Real-Time Leak Detection
Real-Time Leak Detection
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance
Water Quality Assurance
Water Quality Assurance

Publicly owned utility taps FreeWave for new IoT solution for immediate results

It’s all possible with FreeWave.

Rapidly add a ‘smart layer’ to your existing SCADA system to gain secure plug-and-play scalability not tied to proprietary protocols and processes, as well as access to new, invaluable operational data previously left stranded in the field.


Low-power, operating in broad temperature range


60+ mile connectivity range in challenging RF environments


Include inherently cybersecure FHSS technology and multiple encryption options

Edge Intelligent

Our IQ-infused products move processing to where remote operations take place, and bring those insights to you in real time



Problems, Solved. Smart Operations, Enabled.

See how the FreeWave platform is being used by enterprises across industries to the solve problems today, and to capitalize on future opportunities that come with a smart edge.


Wireless M2M: Washington County Conservancy District

FreeWave creates wireless M2M system that spans 100+ miles in linear length for the St. George Water Services Department.


Monitoring & Control: Parker Water and Sanitation District

Water and sanitation district streamlines monitoring and control with FreeWave wireless communications network.