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Connect, compute, create intelligent farming operations

More yield from fewer resources – it’s an equation that farmers worldwide are looking to solve.

For many, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will be the answer, by equipping agricultural operations with real-time data insights and control to enable more precise and efficient management of crops and livestock.

Infuse Intelligence into Your Ag Operations Today

Making the most of IIoT in agriculture means making sure all data from the field can be readily accessed and acted upon, no matter where it is remotely generated.

FreeWave has the solutions to power your precision farming systems, combining sensor data capture, IQ edge data processing, and network communications in the ways that meet your unique demands and enable you to easily uphold compliance as regulatory pressures rise.

iiot smart agriculture operations

Enabling Technologies

Rugged Wireless Radios
Embedded to Enclosed


Edge Computing
For Smart Ag Applications

Edge Sensing
For Real-time Remote Monitoring

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What’s Enabled

With FreeWave’s rugged RF foundation and edge computing platform, farms can enable any number of smart agriculture applications, including but not limited to:

precision fertilizing

Precision Fertilizing

Use real-time kinematics (RTK) to fix machinery positioning down to 1cm.

field irrigation

Automated Irrigation & Compliance

Trigger irrigation to occur at off-peak hours, save up to $30,000 per year in energy costs – all while automating water usage reporting processes to ensure regulatory compliance.

greenhouse monitoring

Grain Bin Level
Monitoring & Control

Get real-time reads of storage conditions and automate blowers to operate only during off-peak electrical hours – saving up to 50% in energy costs.

cows dairy technology

Herd Health Tracking

Monitor feed intake to deliver highly accurate rations that improve herd health and mitigate feed shrink.

harvest machinery automation

Self-Driving &
Autonomous Tractors

Enable use of RTK for 100x improvement in steering and guidance accuracy vs. traditional GPS.

ag wireless technology

Smart Weeding

Power high-accuracy robotic weeders that reduce the use of herbicide by as much as 20%.

milk production

Colorado Livestock Facility Uses ZumIQ™ for Web-based Remote Water Tank Monitoring

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florida orange grove

Florida Orchard Deploys FreeWave M2M Network to Power Autonomous Tractors

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It’s all possible with FreeWave.

FreeWave’s integrated connectivity and computing platform makes it possible to rapidly connect to and control sensors, equipment, and machines spread across vast acreage.


Low-power, operating in broad temperature range


60+ mile connectivity range in challenging RF environments


3 of the world’s top 4 agricultural leaders depend on FreeWave

Future-Ready, Now

Smart radios have capabilities for edge computing built-in


Problems, Solved. Smart Operations, Enabled.


Problems, Solved. Smart Operations, Enabled.

See how the FreeWave platform is being used by enterprises across industries to the solve problems today, and to capitalize on future opportunities that come with a smart edge.

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IQ Application Environment Data Sheet

Data Sheet

IQ Application Environment Data Sheet

An open source platform to deploy and run apps in any Linux-compatible language – delivered via our Zum family of products.

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Industrial IoT Edge Platform


Industrial IoT Edge Platform

See how FreeWave's IQ-infused Zum family of products combine wireless connectivity and edge computing capabilities to bring your Intelligent Edge within reach.

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Are you an OEM?

We make it easy to integrate our robust RF innovations and edge computing advancements with your industrial agriculture equipment.

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