Helping ranchers focus on sustainability of their operations

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is bringing the digital ranch closer to home.

Imagine being able to monitor water level fluctuations wherever you are, whenever you need the data. Or, being able to create a holistic view of your ranch from water levels to soil moisture and connecting all the peripherals like rain gauges, fuel sensors, and cameras.

Make Your Ranch Operations Easier to Run 

Water is everything in your world. You depend on clean water ever day. Is the herd drinking enough? Do they have available water? What’s the soil look like? 

Whether its water troughs and stock tanks or water intake and water availability, you depend on the water infrastructure to be there when you need it. And you need to know when you may run into an issue. 

Manually checking levels daily is a thing of the past. No more driving or riding out on to the field to check the water level. 

Remote visibility of water usage in stock tanks and water troughs in areas with limited or no cell coverage therefore reducing on-site inspections is at your fingertips.

With early warning notifications of water availability, we can help you transform the operational ranch water infrastructure decision process with visibility and analytics of water usage– cattle use of throughs, water leaks, or pump failures -, prioritization of water security events, including water intake and availability, insights into animal health and welfare, and workplace health and safety. 


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