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Powering joint innovation to advance industrial operations.

We rely on experienced channel partners and solution providers to solve our customers’ wireless and edge computing challenges leveraging FreeWave’s portfolio of rugged products.

Our partner ecosystem is built to address a range of IIoT needs, and includes those with the expertise to develop and implement state-of-the-art communications infrastructures in challenging RF environments, and those with software solutions that enable computing at the industrial edge.

You can tap into our network of partners or become a part of our network today.

Channel Partner

Do your customers’ networks need to operate reliably in extreme environments? Are you ready to take advantage of the vast opportunities that IIoT-enabling wireless products can bring to your business?

As a FreeWave channel partner, you’ll have access to a proven and flexible portfolio of products and solutions geared toward solving the problems that industrial companies with remote operations face. FreeWave offers our partners sales tools, marketing content, training and support. Our products are sold 100% through and with our partners. Become a partner today!

Our products enable ultra-reliable data transfer and command control in challenging RF environments and over 60+ mile distances. They are proven to withstand the harsh conditions common in industrial settings and their low-power, long-range design make them ideal for areas where infrastructure is limited. With multiple form factors and frequency options, you’ll have an arsenal of high-quality options to meet diverse customer needs.

You’ll also put yourself on the leading edge of industrial edge computing with the ability to resell our Zum family of products loaded with our IQ Application Environment – giving your customers a future-proof solution to address the data-intensive realities of IIoT, and the ability to implement edge applications that transform business processes for significant ROI.

Strategic Technology Partners

FreeWave partners with industry-leading Strategic Technology Partners on initiatives to position and market our integrated connectivity and computing platform. Join us to create solutions that propel our customers forward.

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FreeWave has provided Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with industrial-grade wireless solutions for product integration for decades.

Leading OEMs choose FreeWave’s embedded and board-level products because they provide a Cost, Size, Weight, and Power (CSWaP) advantage with their small, lightweight form factor, industry-leading low power consumption, and low-cost integration. And now, they also include intelligence for computing at the edge, transforming machines and devices into true IIoT solutions and powering onboard analytics, autonomy, and more.

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