Keeping smart cities moving to continuous efficiency gains

As cities grow, so does their need to optimize the traffic flowing through them.

That is why FreeWave has added edge computing intelligence to our wireless solutions, giving transportation planning bodies a smarter way to get travelers where they’re going – quickly and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Give Your Smart City a Way to Intelligently Address Growth

Traffic and transportation management is one of the biggest infrastructure challenges in cities today. By combining sensor data capture, edge data processing, and ruggedized wireless communications, FreeWave delivers an IQ-infused integrated platform on which to reliably run the smart traffic solutions needed to optimize the flow of vehicles and people throughout a city in a smart, automated manner.


We have combined our outdoor-optimized wireless solutions with edge computing capabilities, allowing cities to connect highly distributed smart sensors used for traffic lights, signaling, parking, and more, and to automate their operation to react to real-time changes in traffic conditions, weather, time, and more.


Rugged Wireless Radios
Embedded to Enclosed


Edge Computing
For Smart Grid Applications

Edge Sensing
For Real-time Remote Monitoring

What’s Enabled

With FreeWave’s M2M wireless and edge computing solutions, cities can rapidly deploy an IIoT-enabled sensor network that powers smart transportation applications, including but not limited to:

Smart Traffic Control
Smart Traffic Control
Traffic Decision Support
Traffic Decision Support
Smart Parking
Smart Parking
CCTV & Surveillance
CCTV & Surveillance
Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
Fleet Optimization
Fleet Optimization

City of Boulder Institutes State-of-the-Art Traffic Management System with Wireless M2M Solution

Mexico City Enables Smart City Automation with Wireless M2M Communication Network

It’s all possible with FreeWave.

FreeWave can infuse your city’s existing network infrastructure with more robust and secure long-range connectivity as well as the edge computing capabilities needed for real-time control and automation of smart sensor technologies.


Low-power, operating in broad temperature range


60+ mile connectivity range in challenging RF environments


Include inherently cybersecure FHSS technology and multiple encryption options


Smart radios have capabilities for edge intelligence built-in



Problems, Solved. Smart Operations, Enabled.

See how the FreeWave platform is being used by enterprises across industries to the solve problems today, and to capitalize on future opportunities that come with a smart edge.


ZumIQ™ Edge Computer ZIQ-P and ZIQ-PE Data Sheet

Reliably run apps at the edge with this low-power, C1D2-certified and ruggedized edge computer.

Industrial IoT Edge Platform

See how FreeWave’s IQ-infused Zum family of products combine wireless connectivity and edge computing capabilities to bring your Intelligent Edge within reach.

What’s the State of Your Edge?

Today’s edge operations are ripe with opportunities for greater efficiency and optimization—see how FreeWave gives you the data visibility and control to proactively act on them.

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June 27, 2017