FreeWave Training Services

Is your team prepared to support your FreeWave network? Are they utilizing best practices that reduce network downtime and maintenance costs?

Network outages can cause lost productivity, lapses in safety controls and create unnecessary overhead that costs your organization money.

But, troubleshooting wireless “last mile” networks can be a daunting task. There’s hardware, the magic of wireless, data types, protocols and server side infrastructure.

Our Systems Engineers are experienced FreeWave product experts who’ve worked side-by-side with hundreds of customers like yourself. A FreeWave Systems Engineer can resolve issues with FreeWave networks and has experience with related hardware and software platforms. We can fix your issue or at least identify the source of the problem if it’s not related directly to our products.

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In Need of Field Support?


  • US & Canada (Part# SVCS-FLDS-DO):
    $1995 per day (flat rate)
  • International (Part# SVCS-FLDS-INT):
    $2495 per day (flat rate)

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