Air Quality Station

The FreeWave ModuSense Air Quality Station is a ready-to-deploy cellular or satellite-connected environmental monitoring solution with a focus on air quality. It comes pre-configured with the required industrial-grade sensors as well as low-cost communications options providing global connectivity and reliability.

Leveraging the latest in cellular communications technology, the LTE version of the Weather Station supports long-range and lower power LTE CAT-M1 data connections, designed specifically for IoT devices

To make things easy, the cellular and/or Swarm* Satellite fees are included in the annual Data Platform subscription cost. Options ranging from simple OEM Data Broker message routing through to full dashboard and analytics. Using the IIoT Gateway could not be easier, simply deploy the unit and data will flow.

Swarm provides affordable satellite connectivity for IoT applications, particularly in remote regions that lack reliable access to the Internet.


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Is ModuSense right for my application?

We’ll help you decide. See an example of these modules in use, or tell us your operational requirements so that we can recommend your best-fit solution.