Water Level Monitoring

The Water Level Monitoring solution, from FreeWave, is used to accurately measure the depth of water in any tank, river, dam, bore hole or pumping station. It utilizes satellite connectivity to allow the devices to be placed in even the most remote locations. 

If you have irrigation systems that take water from a natural resource such as on-farm stream or river, the water level monitoring solution will give you the data you need to remain compliant with water use regulations or allow you to monitor water levels before these become critical.

Measurements are taken every fifteen minutes and logged using on-board memory in the gateway. Every hour these measurements are transmitted back to the cloud platform for processing, resulting in near real-time alerts and trend reporting to help you identify changes in the environment being monitored.

Quick and easy to deploy, the solution does not require calibration and includes an on-board battery backup for uninterrupted operation regardless of the weather conditions. The depth being measured is based on placement of the sensor, for a tank this is typically in the bottom of the tank, for rivers the sensor is often mounted on a pole at a known reference height.

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