Powering new IIoT gains that give utility providers a smarter edge

Addressing increased regulatory and customer pressure requires an intelligent plan forward.

With FreeWave, utility providers can rapidly enhance their current infrastructure to pull more data from their remote operations, driving efficiency, automating processes and compliance, and delighting end-users.

Add New Intelligence to Your Utility Operations, Today

Breathe new life into aging utility systems with FreeWave’s ‘Edge Evolved’ connectivity and computing solutions. Not only can you easily connect to dispersed assets for reliable data transfer, even in challenging RF environments, but you can also enable data processing to take place where these assets reside – in real-time as the data is generated.

Adding this IQ-infused smart layer to your existing network infrastructure immediately reduces bandwidth requirements – by as much as 80% to 95% – and in turn allows more data to be utilized across your utility grid. With more insights, you can make better, faster decisions about operational performance and maintenance needs, and enable remote site automation to optimize grid management from any location.


Rugged Wireless Radios
Embedded to Enclosed



Edge Computing
For Smart Grid Applications

Edge Sensing
For Real-time Remote Monitoring

What’s Enabled

With FreeWave’s rugged RF foundation and edge computing platform, government and defense organizations can infuse new intelligence into their applications for surveillance, safety, command & control, combat, and emergency response, including but not limited to:

Smart Grid System
Smart Grid System
Automated Maintenance Scheduling
Automated Maintenance Scheduling
Remote Perimeter Security
Remote Perimeter Security
Remote Site Communications
Remote Site Communications
Smart Breakers
Smart Breakers
Substation Automation
Substation Automation

FreeWave ZumLink Family Solution Results – A Leading Electric Company in Mexico

FreeWave ZumLink Family

Solution Results

It’s all possible with FreeWave.

FreeWave’s integrated connectivity and edge computing platform brings IIoT benefits to utility providers in a compact, ruggedized package made to withstand the harsh outdoor environments in which utility systems operate.


Low-power, operating in broad temperature range


60+ mile connectivity range in challenging RF environments


Include inherently cybersecure FHSS technology and multiple encryption options

Future-Ready, Now

Smart radios have capabilities for edge intelligence built-in


commercial enterprise applications


Commercial & Enterprise Applications at a Glance

Explore the many applications of FreeWave products in Oil & Gas, Utilities, Precision Agriculture, and much more.


Fault Circuit Indicators and Wireless M2M: Hawaiian Electric

FreeWave optimizes fault circuit indicators and wireless M2M communications at Hawaiian Electric.


Industrial IoT Edge Platform

See how FreeWave’s IQ-infused Zum family of products combine wireless connectivity and edge computing capabilities to bring your Intelligent Edge within reach.