Data is everywhere, even on Mount Everest: Sensor-to-cloud and extreme environments

Technology – from Mount Everest to the farm

It’s amazing what technology can do when paired with human will. Just a few years ago, a team of scientists made history as they trekked up Mount Everest with the goal of running environmental studies. With backpacks full of sensors (which included FreeWave technology), these men pushed boundaries to create a new normal.

When we intentionally use modern technology to our advantage, we can create better, safer and more productive environments within every industry. Today, the same technology used on Mount Everest is now powering multiple earth science programs transmitting sensor data from remote environments to earth scientists, climatologists and meteorologists through cloud servers. This is just one example of many where sensor-to-cloud solutions have transformed our ability to interact with extreme environments in the modern world.

 A deeper look at extreme environments

Typically, when someone thinks of an extreme environment, they imagine harsh, rugged terrain in a far-off remote location; however extreme environments aren’t limited by this definition. Take a large farm, for example, with a multitude of deployed assets and equipment across hundreds of acres. Traditionally, an operation like this requires an employee to physically check on the farm equipment multiple times a week, manually turning valves on and off, in addition to monitoring and controlling the overall farm environment. These day-to-day tasks are not only time-consuming but physically draining. In this case, the operational output required on the farm makes it an operationally extreme environment, and extreme environments are just one space where sensor-to-cloud solutions shine.

Sensor-to-cloud in the real world

Today, sensor-to-cloud systems utilize deployed sensors to collect and transmit data from remote locations. These sensors send the gathered information back to cloud servers for further research and analysis, enabling entire teams to utilize their limited time and resources more effectively. With sensor-to-cloud systems, we eliminate the often-laborious mechanics of middlemen procedures so that industry leaders can focus on what matters most. Let’s revisit that farming example. With sensor-to-cloud technology, farmers can automate the repetitive tasks of their operations. Something as simple as discrete soil sensors further allow farmers to virtually monitor their crop health, creating more time and space to focus on other high-value tasks. This gives them time, often an invaluable asset, to do what’s needed. In a sense, we can improve the productivity of an operation with an automated suite of  sensor systems. Imagine the difference a network of sensors can make.

The FreeWave difference

For several years now, FreeWave products have been a leading resource solution for extreme environments. Our sensors were a part of the great Mount Everest expedition, and today, we have deployed sensors in many areas, including pipelines in Alaska, ice shelves in Antarctica, smart farms across the country and many other locations – rugged and traditional. We are providing the groundbreaking technology needed to monitor data in extreme environments so that our partners and customers can make the best, informed decisions for their operations.

As the Chief Technology and Product Officer at FreeWave, I am constantly amazed at the impact our products have on the world. We are working with some of the major brands of our time, helping them solve massive problems affecting society at large. Our technology solutions serve entire industries, like oil and gas, agriculture, transportation and traffic, as well as many others that contribute to the well-being of the globe.  It is great to be a part of a company where we can say our products are a part of the solution for life’s essentials. Every day, we help industry leaders identify their pain points and provide them with a single pane of glass product solution that helps them see the data wherever they are without the drain of additional resources. Our rich portfolio of radios, gateways, cloud software and analytics allows us to stitch together a range of packaged ready to use  applications that solve our customer’s problems through simple, turn-key solutions.

Sensor-to-cloud in the future

Data is everywhere, and now more than ever, we have the tools and resources we need to digitize the world around us. As we build the future, sensor-to-cloud solutions will continue to play a critical role in gathering, processing and managing data in extreme environments around the globe.

As I look at the world before us, I see endless opportunities to continue to leverage technology and data to build a better and more informed life.

Parthesh Shastri
Parthesh Shastri

Parthesh Shastri is the Chief Technology and Product Officer for FreeWave, provider of industrial wireless and IIoT solutions for people passionate about the beauty of a data-informed world.

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