Technology’s Impact on Air Quality Control Monitoring

At this very moment, wildfire season is currently underway in North America, and since the start of this year alone, more than 27,000 wildfires have consumed nearly two million acres according to the National Interagency Fire Center ( Though many people hear the word “wildfire” and immediately picture a forest in California, the reality is […]

Got Data? Now what?

It’s hard to imagine a world without the daily convenience of modern technology.   Just yesterday, I joked with my kids about the world before the internet – a time when we actually had to go to the library to look up unknown information. I can still remember the early days of my college career back […]

Data is everywhere, even on Mount Everest: Sensor-to-cloud and extreme environments

Technology – from Mount Everest to the farm It’s amazing what technology can do when paired with human will. Just a few years ago, a team of scientists made history as they trekked up Mount Everest with the goal of running environmental studies. With backpacks full of sensors (which included FreeWave technology), these men pushed […]

The Importance of Data in the Life of Bees

Have you heard the buzz? Data is everywhere, informing, influencing and affecting the direction and decisions of our lives daily. Due to modern technology, we now have access to a world of knowledge that was otherwise unavailable just 50 years ago. This data is gold, and when we intentionally utilize technology to mine and refine […]

Technology Simplified: Leveraging Data in the New Digital Era

Excited by tomorrow, we face a new world filled with endless possibilities each day. Thanks to modern technology, simple sensors open the doors to our favorite restaurant, edge computing allows manufacturers to spot and correct production glitches before they happen, and high-tech traffic cameras analyze and record thousands of license plates daily to spot stolen […]

A Starter’s Guide to IIoT and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (aka Industry 4.0)

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing how businesses operate and manufacture products. In this guide, learn how the IIoT plays a considerable role in this movement. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, is a term many use to describe the new way products are created and sold thanks to technology, specifically the Industrial Internet of Things […]

15 Benefits of Embracing IIoT and Automation for Manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things helps leaders thrive in crowded and even dangerous markets. Here are 15 benefits of embracing IIoT for manufacturing. Embracing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for manufacturing is one way to win in highly competitive or dangerous markets. Automating production and relying on high-tech sensors to give you crucial feedback […]

What Does the Future Hold for IIoT, Automation, and Edge Computing?

    From narrowband communications to edge computing, FreeWave continues to solve significant customer challenges with IIoT, automation, and data collection. We are excited about our 2021 product roadmap. We are making a significant leap forward into Edge Computing. This quarter, we will be releasing two new products:  FreeWave Edge and FreeWave Fusion Bridge. Before […]

A Starters Guide to the IIoT and Automation in Agriculture

Is your farm smart? Speak to a Freewave Smart Ag expert today. What is automation? How can automation help farmers do more with less? Is automation in agriculture a good idea? How is automation transforming the farming industry? Farmer’s exploring technology tend to ask the same questions.  Here are a few of them:  What is […]

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