Got Data? Now what?

It’s hard to imagine a world without the daily convenience of modern technology.  

Just yesterday, I joked with my kids about the world before the internet – a time when we actually had to go to the library to look up unknown information. I can still remember the early days of my college career back in the late 90s, the internet had just come out, and we were all getting used to this new phenomenon called a “search engine.” Life has drastically changed over the last 25 years. Now, nearly all the information we want and need is at our fingertips. 

Today, we have more access to data than most people know how to handle. Data is all around us, collected through the day-to-day actions and reactions of our lives. When we take the time to intentionally analyze, interpret and distribute the data metrics available to us, we can make smarter and more efficient decisions. 

There is so much to explore, and while our increased access to data is pretty interesting, the reality is that the combination of data and modern technology can change the world. Like many things, though, there are two sides. Sure, industrial companies can capture huge amounts of data, but it also raises the question: now what? How do you put all that data to work? 

Breaking barriers and pushing boundaries

At the intersection of data and technology, we can push boundaries in work, business and society like never before. Data insights allow us to be more precise and accurate in our day-to-day work, which allows us to be more effective and efficient. The operational benefits here are endless, including improved quality control, reduced energy consumption, enhanced safety and increased operational consistency.

Just take a look at the food industry, for example. Many field workers in smart agriculture rely heavily on data insights to control, predict and create the best environments for quality crops and harvest. The more accurate their predictions, the better their harvest, and the better their harvest, the faster we receive our food through the supply chain. Today, internet of things (IoT) technology can connect remote and mobile assets, like a tractor, for instant data access, making it easier for farmers to be more efficient and effective in their work. 

It’s really amazing when you think about it. Data is transforming how we operate in this world, creating better environments for us all. 

The FreeWave impact

At FreeWave, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to create faster, smarter and more efficient work environments. I’ve been a part of the FreeWave team since 2019, and I am constantly amazed at the ways our technology provides innovative solutions for real-world issues. Our products enable our customers to improve their work processes, and through our single pane of glass approach, we offer a simplified experience for businesses and industry leaders to receive automated technology that transforms data metrics into real-time execution. 

One of my favorite use cases to discuss is FreeWave customer that uses drone technology to deliver food and other valuable resources to far-reaching areas across the globe. With FreeWave products, they can run a smarter and more efficient operation. Their robotics delivery system is combating many of the complex access challenges the world faces on a daily basis. Our IoT technology is helping them solve complex issues with simplified tech solutions, and simple solutions create more time, energy and space to focus on what matters most: people.

If you need a product to help you bridge the gap between technology and data, FreeWave is your solution. We are enablement partners, helping every one of our customers accomplish their complex goals. It’s inspiring to work with brands and businesses striving to create a difference in real-world issues. Our technology plays an intricate role in sustaining work environments and supporting entire industries around the globe.  

Data makes the difference

At the end of the day, data is more than mere statistics; data is the key to our efficiency, productivity and safety. Data makes the difference in energy consumption reduction. Data makes the difference in the overall quality and safety of our daily environments. Data makes the difference in everything. Every day we have the opportunity to use data to our advantage, and at FreeWave, we are helping industrial innovators do just that. As technology continues to evolve, we will continue to provide top of the line IoT solutions that transform data into actionable insights and execution so you can not only access a treasure trove of data, but also know exactly how to answer the age-old question: now what?

Picture of Andrew Jeffrey
Andrew Jeffrey

Andrew Jeffrey is the manager of Sales, Operations and Analytics for FreeWave, provider of industrial wireless and IIoT solutions for people passionate about the beauty of a data-informed world.

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