With FreeWave as your partner, Industrial IoT is not a far-off vision but a near-term reality.

bringing your intelligent edge within reach

Edge operations are ripe with opportunities for greater efficiency and optimization – but you need the data visibility to find them, and the real-time control to act on them for rapid gains.

Now with FreeWave, you can have it all.


We’ve infused our proven long-range industrial wireless radios with edge computing capabilities to run IIoT applications at remote edge devices.

By distributing data capture and processing to the edge, you can optimize bandwidth and mitigate lags in decision making caused by latency – deriving more value from more data, more quickly, without overburdening your network or replacing your existing infrastructure.

See how FreeWave’s edge intelligent solutions transform the extreme edge of your operation into a connected part of your enterprise.

bringing your intelligent edge within reach

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Why Edge Computing?

IIoT can help virtually any industrial enterprise edge out their competition by arming them with more robust and actionable data on their remote operations. The challenge is that traditional approaches of centralized data processing and network polling simply can’t support the breadth of data and real-time delivery speed IIoT demands.

Download our infographic to see how edge computing enables your move from:

  • Bandwidth-heavy centralized computing to…
  • A delay-fraught poll-response topology to…
  • Proprietary, disconnected systems to…
  • Low-latency distributed processing
  • Real-time report-by-exception publishing
  • An interoperable IIoT-ready infrastructure

You’ll also see the immediate ROI gains that can be achieved by adding FreeWave’s ruggedized ‘smart layer’ to your existing systems.

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edge computing infographic

What Comprises Our Smart Layer?

We’ve taken our rugged Zum family of products, designed for low-power operation across wide temperature ranges, and infused them with IQ intelligence.

IQ Application Environment

An open source platform to deploy and run 3rd party applications

  • ARM Cortex-A8 1 GHz processor
  • Debian-based Linux operating system
  • 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB of user storage
  • Compatible with any Linux-based language (e.g., Python, Javascript (Node.js), Node-RED, C++, Go)
  • Comes standard as a Developer Edition with deployment, diagnostic, and admin tools

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zumiq edge computer

Hardened, C1D2-certified edge computing solution

zumiq edge computer portfolio

  • Ensure uptime of edge applications in harsh outdoor environments
  • Execute multiple apps simultaneously and with low power consumption
  • Flexibly deploy in any wired or wireless network architecture

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zumlink iq edge intelligent radio

Edge computing and communications all in one

zumlink iq edge intelligent radio portfolio

  • Gain edge computing and connectivity capabilities via a single hardened hardware product
  • Enable wireless data communications in the unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum – a secure and cost-effective long-range alternative to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LTE

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Together, IQ and our Zum solutions ensure the uptime and performance of applications that put sensor queries, analytics, and intelligence at the extreme network edge.

FreeWave also offers ZumIQ and ZumLink IQ with additional 3rd party software pre-installed, giving you even greater out-of-the-box IQ functionality in a hardware product made for industrial demands.

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Why Now?

According to Frost & Sullivan, industrial organizations need to embrace edge computing now or risk getting left behind.

In this white paper, Frost & Sullivan’s Automation and IIoT Industry Director Ram Ramasamy discusses the paradigm shift to the edge and how FreeWave provides a future-ready, ruggedized solution for industrial edge computing today.

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frost and sullivan edge computing white paper

Your Intelligent Edge is closer than you think.

FreeWave is ready to help your industrial operation capitalize on IIoT efficiencies to further your competitive edge. See how to buy our Zum solutions or complete the form below to speak to our team about your needs.

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