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A powerful partnership to rapidly evolve SCADA for IIoT and transformative operational gains.

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Bringing together FreeWave’s integrated edge computing and connectivity solutions with Inductive Automation’s leading industrial automation software, we deliver a future-ready solution to transform your poll-response topology into a modern, bandwidth-efficient publish/subscribe architecture – rapidly enhancing the investments you already have.


The Intelligent Edge Today’s Industrial Operations Need

Traditional polling of SCADA systems creates latency and congestion as the network struggles to move more data generated by more IIoT devices in the field. What’s needed is a way to collect and analyze rich data right where it is produced: at the network edge.


FreeWave provides a ruggedized edge computing platform to reliably deploy Inductive Automation’s Ignition Edge MQTT, which instantly turns any field device into an IIoT-compatible asset for more efficient and complete data access.

ZumIQ™ and ZumLink™ IQ
Ignition Edge Edition

With Inductive Automation’s Ignition Edge MQTT onboard FreeWave’s industrial-grade edge computing platform, you can rapidly deploy a modern MQTT-enabled pub/sub architecture. MQTT is the most widely used IIoT messaging protocol and provides fast, bi-directional communication with minimal bandwidth requirements, transforming touch panels, client terminals, and other legacy devices into lightweight, interoperable edge gateways.

Typical poll-response topology wastes bandwidth:

poll response round robin topology

Modern MQTT-enabled pub/sub architecture:

modern mqtt enabled publish subscribe architecture

Choose from:

zumIQ ignition edge edition

Hardened, low-power, C1D2-certified edge computer with Ignition Edge MQTT onboard

ZumIQ can be flexibly integrated into any wired or wireless network architecture and can execute multiple applications with low power consumption.

zumlinkIQ ignition edge edition

Edge intelligent 900 MHz Industrial radio with Ignition Edge MQTT onboard

ZumLink IQ gives you compute power, storage, and wireless communications links all in a single, hardened, easy-to-deploy hardware product.

Key Features

Loaded with IQ

ZumIQ and ZumLink IQ have FreeWave’s Linux-based IQ Application Environment onboard, which is pre-integrated with Ignition Edge MQTT for this Edition.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Both ZumIQ and the ZumLink radio can operate in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +75ºC (-40ºF to +167ºF).

Built for the Demands of the Edge

The low-power ZumIQ and ZumLink are C1D2 certified and proven to perform reliably in harsh environmental conditions.

An All-in-One Solution Option

Choosing ZumLink IQ gives you an industrial-rated computing platform to deploy Ignition Edge MQTT and the ability to create a wireless network using the unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum.

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Ignition Edge Edition

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Water plant increases data update rates by 10x with ZumLink IQ Ignition Edge Edition

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Ignition Edge Edition

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"Proactive remote monitoring of performance vectors is now possible through ZumIQ."

Jacob Abel, Project Manager, Accuflow

"Using ZumLink IQ with Ignition Edge MQTT onboard enabled exception reporting for a 10-fold increase in data update rates."

Large Water / Wastewaster Facility

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