FreeWave Joins Viasat ELEVATE Partner Program To Provide One-Stop IIoT Solutions

ELEVATE membership will support the IoT providers’ global growth across range of industries including energy, agriculture, utilities, and mining.  CARLSBAD., Calif., December 14, 2023 –  Viasat, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global leader in satellite communications, today announced FreeWave Technologies, an industry Internet of Things solution manufacturer, has joined its ELEVATE program. ELEVATE is a growth program, ecosystem and marketplace […]

SCADA + Satellite Equals Industry’s Latest Power Couple

When it comes to remote industrial operations, there’s only one constant, and that is change. Change can occur in an instant — a burst pipe, an equipment malfunction, a flash flood. But, more often, change creeps up slowly and then suddenly looms large. Take, for example, the worsening labor shortage. Nowadays, if something does go […]

IIoT and Work-Life Balance: A Healthy and Productive Relationship

This article was authored by Kirk Byles, FreeWave CEO  The Industrial Internet of Things can improve productivity and promote a healthy work-life balance. Here’s how. “There is no such thing as work-life balance anymore. You’ve got to integrate them. Otherwise, you will fail miserably at one of them.” – Benjamin Laker, Forbes Because of COVID-19, […]

FreeWave Announces the Release of their New Online Training Portal

Take your FreeWave experience to the next level with our new online learning center. FreeWave is primarily a supplier of hardware for the industrial space, which means that our products aren’t as simple to use as hardware designed for the consumer market. The specificity of FreeWave equipment makes training and certifications crucial. We’ve always offered […]

9 Critical Reasons to add Wireless Thief Hatch Management

A thief hatch is a closeable lid at the top of a low-pressure holding tank for hydrocarbons such as oil or condensate, or water. It allows access for measurement, however, if left open it can allow hydrocarbon vapors to escape into the atmosphere as fugitive emissions. Hydrocarbon tanks are almost always Class 1 Div 1 […]

IT/OT Convergence – The Impact from the Industrial Internet of Things

Without question, the number of connected sensors and devices on your IIoT network are going to increase, and also without question, the volume of data created by these devices on your IIoT network are going to increase as well. Both increases are intended to improve operational efficiency and streamline business processes. As a result, your Information Technology (IT) […]

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