MM2-M13 Series




FreeWave’s  1.3 GHz radios are being utilized in many military and government applications around the world. These user-configurable 1.3 GHz products are available as OEM board level radios.  They are used in applications ranging from UAVs to UGVs, and more.

Available in 1 and 5 Watt serial and 1 Watt Ethernet versions, the MM2-M13 Series ensures accurate and secure data transmission with 32 bit CRC error detection and automatic re-transmission.

The MM2-M13 Series has been designed to provide the performance, reliability, and quality that our customers have come to know and expect in our products. It combines high performance with a small size making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium.


MM2- M13

  • MM2-M13-C – RS232, Board Level
  • MM2-M13-C -SR  –   RS232, SSMC, Board Level
  • MM2-M13-T – TTL, Board Level
  • MM2-M13-LV-C – RS232, Board Level
  • MM2-M13-LV-T – TTL, Board Level
  • MM2-M13-DEVKIT
    Datasheet For All Models Above
  • MM2-M13-P-SR – Ethernet, Board Level, SSMC
  • MM2-M13-P-SR-CCNB – Ethernet, Board Level, SSMC, Conformal Coated
  • MM2-M13-P-T – Ethernet, Board Level, MMCX
  • MM2-M13-P-T-SR001 – MM2-M13-P-T with RJ45
  • MM2-M13-P-DEVKIT
    Datasheet For All Models Above
  • MM2-13X5W – 1.3 GHz 5 Watt radio


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