ZumBoost Technology

Four Breakthrough Performance Enhancing Algorithms

Boost Throughput in Demanding RF Environments

Improves the Reliability of Data Transport/Links

Available for the ZumLink 900 Series Radios

Leveraging a quarter of a century of RF experience in commercial, industrial and combat situations, FreeWave sets the bar once again with our new ZumBoost technology.  ZumBoost’s four performance-enhancing algorithms can be used independently or together to ‘boost’ throughput in the most demanding RF environments. ZumBoost is currently available in our Z9-P, Z9-PE, and Z9-PC models.

Adaptive Spectrum Learning (Patent Pending)

  • “Listen Before Talk” algorithm increases throughput in noisy environments
  • ASL learns which RF signals are part of the ZumLink network and which signals are not
  • RF Boost: Increases throughputs in noisy environments
  • RF Boost: Spectrum monitoring delivers network intelligence

Forward Error Correction

  • Detects packet errors and corrects them to avoid retransmission of the packet
  • Adds redundant information to a data stream and enables a receiver to identify and correct errors
  • RF Boost: Error correction ensures ‘noisy’ channels are more reliable
  • RF Boost: Reduces the number retransmitted packets in congested networks

Packet Compression

  • Reduces the packet size to transmit fewer bits over the air
  • Encodes entire packet with compression algorithm to reduce the overhead associated with each transmission
  • Adjusts packet size to optimize throughput
  • RF Boost: Squeezes more user data in less transmission time
  • RF Boost: Reduces the transmission window, which lowers the probability of collisions

Packet Aggregation

  • Increases throughput by combining multiple packets into a single packet which minimizes the number of packets required for transmission
  • One transmit per packet can be replaced with one transmit per 20 packets when packets are combined into one packet
  • RF Boost: Increases over-the-air throughput for small packets
  • RF Boost: Improved SCADA data transmission

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