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Never content

My friends and coworkers can attest that I live by the basic life philosophy: “never content.” I believe in pushing boundaries and resisting the status quo, both in business and leadership. As I see it, we have two options in this life: we can sit on our laurels and wait for change or take things into our own hands and innovate. 

Thanks to the industrial internet of things (IIoT), our opportunities for change and transformation are endless. The more willing we are to be free thinkers expanding the territories of our respective industries, the larger the impact we’ll witness in the world around us. 

The key to true transformation 
Most people can agree that innovation is the key to success in the industrial sector. If we keep doing things the way we’ve always done them, we won’t have much of a world left in short order. My kids are now in their twenties, and quite frankly, they’re pissed at the environment the generations before them left behind. I understand their frustration; it’s no secret that we’re facing a global environmental crisis, and without positive change, things will only get worse. If we truly want to be a part of the solution, we have to think bigger. We must become free thinkers, willing to do more than what’s been done to actually see the kind of transformation we’re looking for. 

Today, IIoT helps us expand our thinking. 

We are only on the cusp of what edge computing and data analytics can do in remote areas. Data helps us make sound decisions. When you think about where our day-to-day information is generated and how it is analyzed, you can actually imagine a world where operational managers don’t have to walk the fields, manually check pressure gauges, or physically adjust pumps to gather intel. With the right technology in place, these tasks can all be automated, which means a natural skyrocket in productivity and efficiency for remote operations worldwide. This is truly exciting because it means a shift in the culture of business, environmentalism, and sustainability. When industrial leaders and remote operations managers are given more time and space to think, they can innovate on a whole new level. Where does this lead us?  Straight to the intersection of modern technology and inventiveness, where we all have the opportunity to create a safer, stronger, and more innovative world. This is great news for the modern business owner because it means the opportunity to create stronger work models and a more efficient workflow, which naturally leads to greater employee retention and better cash flow. This is truly a win for all. 

The big picture
As a whole, technology has provided extensive upgrades within the industrial sector over the last few decades, but in reality, until IIoT came around at a large scale, just within the last few years, we didn’t have the data needed to actually know or understand what was going on. Data is great, but intelligent insight into that data is even better. Now, thanks to the ever-expanding world of technology, we can analyze data intelligently and utilize it more effectively. With this type of smart equipment on the market, field workers can do things like monitor a banana plantation from formation all the way to the supermarket. Where before, we could only know that a banana was picked and on a boat to its next destination, we now have the technology and subsequent opportunities to see things, like product quality, faster and more clearly. 

Free thinking at an industrial level requires our willingness to try new things. It means creating and implementing out-of-the-box solutions to common problems. It means searching for new ways to perform basic tasks and habits. It means finding new solutions for life’s tried and true issues. Sure the modern farmer may be used to turning the same lever on and off every single day, but with the right technology in place, they don’t have to. Free thinking means moving beyond the status quo to see and receive a world filled with new possibilities.

Over the next few years, we’re going to see billions of dollars spent on data processing and analysis solutions. The more we know, the more we can respond to real-life situations with confidence and precision. The current financial trends and predictions are important because they reveal that our world is ready for change. Now is the time to innovate.  

Think bigger
A crucial part of our strategy at FreeWave is implementation without dictation. This means we fully empower our customers to be free thinkers within their own environments. We want you to have full control over the information you receive and how you use it. Our job is simply to make your life easier by deploying the technology you need — edge computing capabilities, wireless connectivity, sensor technology, and more to help you manage your operation from anywhere in the world. Our IIoT solutions are designed with a simple-to-use control panel (aka our single pane of glass dashboard) so that you can run your entire operation from a singular entry point. 

We are no strangers to the work of free-thinking here at FreeWave (it’s part of our name as well as our culture). In our own business model, we’ve had to expand our ideas and our identity as a leader in the tech space. For many years FreeWave rode its pedigree of building and selling narrowband radios without much thought toward innovation, but then, we recognized the need our customer base faced as they searched for help in understanding what IIoT could mean for their businesses. We could’ve stayed as we were and continued to do what we did best at the time, but instead, we chose to pivot and really dig into our customers’ needs and how we could best serve them. Now, our solutions include multi-radio edge computing solutions with gateways, edge data analytics and applications, and it all started with our team’s willingness to think bigger. 

Free thinking in the future
When I look at the future of technology and where FreeWave may find itself within it, I am truly excited. We can’t do everything, and we don’t want to, but what we do want to focus on is life’s essentials – water, air, energy, and helping people get to the next level! 

Small tech is certainly having a big impact on today’s world. Even more impressive, however, is the collective mindset shift we’re constantly witnessing within the people and organizations willing to make a change by trying new things. The ripple effect of our decisions in the surrounding environment, industrial sector, and respective businesses is massive. 

True transformation requires our ability to challenge the status quo, and that’s exactly what modern technology gives us the opportunity to do in the 21st century.  At the end of the day, I believe free thinking rests in our ability to expand our mindsets and take big risks. So, I’ve made it my mission to push the boundaries of possibility and discover the life-altering solutions made along the way. Today, I challenge you to do the same. 

What does free thinking mean to you?

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Kirk Byles is the Chief Executive Officer for FreeWave, provider of industrial wireless and IIoT solutions for people passionate about the beauty of a data-informed world.

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