Technology Revealed: Unraveling Data Accessibility for Industrial IoT

Our world is full of endless possibilities. 

Thanks to modern technology, we are more digitally connected than ever before. According to Statista, there will be upwards of 30.9 billion connected internet of things (IoT) devices by 2025. From smartwatches and traffic cameras to medical sensors and security systems, the more technology in effect, the more data we are able to collect. 

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times: data is everywhere, and it continues to be an incredible asset for leaders across industrial environments. Today, our widespread access to data allows us to make informed and intelligent decisions based on accurate intel. Something as simple as knowing soil moisture levels or the outside temperatures helps us respond to environmental needs in strategic ways. 

While data accessibility is undoubtedly a positive thing, it doesn’t mean much if we don’t have the tools needed to act upon those same data insights available to us, and this is where technology makes a tremendous difference, especially for industrial leaders.

When we take the revolutionary power of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and pair it with the wide range of data metrics available, we can intentionally foster better industrial environments across the globe. Our increased access to data, paired with the modern revolution of IIoT technology, allows us to respond to real-world problems with timeliness, precision and contextual intelligence. Together, this dynamic pair fosters safer, faster and more efficient environments for all.  

The power of time and context

When it comes to data accessibility and Industrial IoT, there are many profound revelations of impact, time being just one of them. In industrial environments, timing is everything. It’s the difference between a healthy crop and a wasted harvest for the smart farmer; it’s the difference between an uncontrolled wildfire and a self-contained outbreak for the modern firefighter; it’s even the difference in what could’ve been merely a small oil leak rather than the environmental disaster we now know as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Data accessibility provides us with timely information on the surrounding contexts of our environments, and with the right tools, we can respond to this information faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Contextual intelligence 

Next in line to the value of timing, lies the power of contextual data, also known as contextual intelligence. Contextual intelligence is a game-changer for the industrial leader, as it provides a deeper level of understanding and offers an enhanced sense of accuracy for production. 

Think of any environmental disaster, be it a forest fire, dust storm or even a carbon monoxide leak. While IoT solutions cannot prevent these events from happening, they can provide immediate insight to these occurrences based on contextual analysis. With the right sensors in place, data is retrieved and distributed, making room for timely interception. With the proper insight, operational leaders and manufacturers can observe what’s happening in critical environments and make intelligent decisions based on the contextual data available. 

Today, IIoT solutions allow us to control external environments virtually anywhere in the world without laborious human intervention. In this modern age, the simple switch of a button or command from a control center can adjust the outputs of remote operations everywhere. We call it a single pane of glass approach. When emergencies arise that need immediate attention, these same IIoT solutions help us respond quickly and efficiently, ultimately maximizing people’s time more effectively.

The role of intelligence

In addition to time and context, the third component is intelligence. Data takes the guesswork out of problem-solving and invites us to respond with precision-based strategies. Think about smart farmers, for example. With proper insight into the correct data like soil moisture levels, external temperatures, climate measurements and other relevant intel, these farmers can cultivate the most favorable conditions for a quality harvest. Without this information, farming becomes a guessing game that varies from year to year, but when this data is paired with IIoT solutions, agriculture becomes much more about intelligent strategy. 

Looking ahead, the digitization of farming is quickly becoming a necessary solution. Our world population is rapidly increasing every day, leading us to grow by 2 billion people in the next 30 years alone! A significant increase in people requires a significant need for accelerated food production. In fact, it’s reported that we will need to increase crop yields and harvest more food in the next 30 years than we’ve had to produce for the last 10,000 years combined. Though these statistics are extreme, they don’t have to be alarming because with the right technology in place, society will be up for the task at hand. The interconnected work of data and IIoT takes smart farming to a whole new level, making it less of a gamble and more of a controllable process from seed to harvest.  

Beyond the world of just smart agriculture, data impacts the role and work of IIoT solutions across every industry, including water and wastewater, electricity, oil and gas, transportation and traffic and many others. Our ability to access data empowers us to leverage IIoT technology most intelligently; it’s the “work smarter, not harder” mindset at its finest.

Technological pioneers

At FreeWave Technologies, we are passionate about creating real-world solutions for everyday needs across industries. In a world that is changing with rapid succession, connectivity is critically important for industry leaders, remote operations and the basic good of society. We need tools and products that help us act on data quickly and precisely, and our line of products is helping our customers do just that. 

FreeWave products take the complexity of industrial IoT applications and simplify them for the user, creating a digitization strategy that connects data with life. Our easy-to-use applications allow controllers to respond to their deployed assets from one place with timeliness, intelligence and precision. At FreeWave, we are pioneering a new way forward, promoting connection, safety and innovation along the way. 

The world is evolving rapidly and shows no signs of stopping, so we are taking each change and turning it into an opportunity for collective growth and industry-wide transformation. Thanks to data and the powers of modern IIoT technology, the possibilities are endless, indeed.

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