Network Accelerators

With four performance-enhancing algorithms, FreeWave further boosts the throughput and reliability of our Zum products to maximize network efficiency in even the most challenging RF environments.

Developed with the RF insights gained from 27 years serving industrial and military customers, FreeWave’s Network Accelerator algorithms can be used independently or collectively to increase the wireless communications performance of our ZumLink™ 900 Series radios, including the edge intelligent ZumLink IQ.

Adaptive Spectrum Learning

This patent-pending “listen before talk” algorithm uses spectrum monitoring to learn which RF signals within the ZumLink network and which are not.

  • Reduces the impact of interferences
  • Increases throughput in noisy environments

Forward Error Correction

This algorithm enables a receiver to detect and correct packet errors to avoid retransmission of the packet.

  • Improves network reliability in noisy channels
  • Reduces the number of retransmitted packets in congested networks

Packet Compression

This compression algorithm encodes the entire packet to reduce its size and the overhead associated with each transmission.

  • Minimizes packet transmission time
  • Lowers the probability of collisions

Packet Aggregation

This algorithm combines multiple packets into a single packet, so that one transmit per packet can be replaced with one transmit per 20 packets.

  • Minimizes the number of packets required for transmission
  • Increases over-the-air throughput for small packets

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