Technology Simplified: Leveraging Data in the New Digital Era

Excited by tomorrow, we face a new world filled with endless possibilities each day. Thanks to modern technology, simple sensors open the doors to our favorite restaurant, edge computing allows manufacturers to spot and correct production glitches before they happen, and high-tech traffic cameras analyze and record thousands of license plates daily to spot stolen and unregistered vehicles while also identifying suspected criminals. It’s no secret that the world is evolving before our eyes, and through the technological advancements of this digital era, we are creating a more efficient world.

The power of data
Data is a powerful tool of knowledge, and lucky for us, it’s everywhere! Every one of our actions is driven by a manual process of data – like the simple act of putting on a jacket when it gets cold, or an automated process of data – like a valve instinctively shutting off when a water tank gets full. Today we have the technology to effectively process, analyze and distribute data metrics in tremendously impactful ways.

What does greater simplification look like for industrial leaders?

Remote operations simplified
When leveraged effectively, industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions take remote operations to the next level, simplifying the work process for teams and industries across the globe. Think about some of the most popular high-value remote assets today, like drones, video surveillance, or even center pivot irrigation systems – these entities perform so well because they do what humans can’t. In mere seconds, IIoT technology can process, distribute and respond to data that would otherwise take an entire team hours, days or even weeks to achieve.

In the not so distant past, industrial operations relied solely on data consumption (i.e., how much water is in the tank; what temperature is the water), but today, advancements give us the ability to respond nearly instantaneously to that collected data with actionable execution. Today we can view and control the management of an entire operation remotely on our cell phone. We can see how much water is in a tank or what temperature that water is at and automatically change and adjust the water levels and temperatures from near or far. As a result, the amount of time, resources and energy needed to run businesses has transformed entirely, and this evolution allows us to create an enhanced world and standard of work.

Simple deployment
Remote operations are oftentimes in rugged terrain, making them difficult or even impossible to access. At FreeWave, we solve this complex issue by providing pre-configured ready-to-deploy solutions, complete with everything needed to achieve the mission at hand.

For example, through FreeWaves’s  joint venture with ModuSense, we’re simplifying connectivity to cloud with a variety of pre-configured and ready to deploy monitoring and sensing solutions by supplying the entire solution with a 12-month data plan, dashboard, 12W rapid recharge solar panel, satellite connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity. You can use your mobile phone to validate the data directly from the gateway without having to wait for satellite transmission.

We all know the “gotchas” when it comes to buying technology. Simple deployment means you’re ready from day one, without needing to buy additional components.

Real-world impact
As Chief Operating Officer and SVP of Global Sales and Marketing at FreeWave, I get a front-row seat to the real-life impact modern-day technology is having on lives, businesses and entire industries. The essentials of life have become simplified, and in the process, more people and businesses receive greater access to the things that matter most like critical information, metrics and potential outcomes.

Creating a more sustainable world and preserving natural resources like food, air, energy and water have been at the forefront of IIoT since FreeWave began almost three decades ago when we brought long range, low power consumption, C1D2, 900 MHz connectivity and radio technology products to our customers. Since then, our connectivity options have greatly expanded by adding EDGE Compute, Software, Industry Protocol Conversions, Data Broker & Cloud, a complete end to end solution and with it comes the responsibility for greater environmental stewardship.

We’ve all seen the devastating impact an environmental catastrophe, like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, can have on the globe. Simple mistakes can and do cause enormous repercussions that affect us all. The truth is, with human interaction there will always be the cost of time and possible room for error. Technology, however, is different, as it allows us to not rely solely on human capacity and depend more on interconnected and advanced systems. Now, we don’t have to wait for someone to run into a situation or crisis and manually pull a lever or travel to turn off a valve. Instead, preprogrammed automation or a simple click of a button or flip of a switch from virtually anywhere in the world can control your high value remote assets.

FreeWave is  a technological pioneer in the 21st century. We have connected the unconnected with a reliable ecosystem of edge intelligent radios and solutions to optimize the extreme edge of remote industrial operations. Through our single IIoT platform, we provide expanded capabilities for data capture, analysis, control and automation. Our single pane of glass approach provides a simple, single vendor, one-stop-shop solution for remote operations worldwide.

At the end of the day, when we take the power of data monitoring and funnel it through modern technology, we open ourselves up to a new world of endless possibilities and opportunities. It’s one thing to have data; it’s an entirely different thing to know how to leverage that data. At FreeWave, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of data monitoring and modern technology through our IIoT solutions and creating a better, safer and faster world of work for industries around the globe.

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Michael Tate

Michael Tate is the COO & SVP of Global Sales and Marketing for FreeWave, a global provider of industrial wireless and IIoT technology for people passionate about creating a better world.

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