FreeWave and ModuSense
Connecting the Unconnected

To transform geographically dispersed industrial operations, you need visibility into intelligent data at the edge. You also need to be able to manipulate information – and make that data actionable. 

That’s why FreeWave and ModuSense have executed a joint venture that makes global innovative, turn-key industrial IoT (IIoT) edge solutions a reality. Quickly and cost-effectively.

FreeWave and ModuSense are accelerating hardware and software IIoT development capabilities in meaningful and immediately measurable ways.

FreeWave enables high-fidelity data capture, analysis, control, and automation via our scalable IIoT platform to optimize the extreme edge of remote industrial operations and create a more connected enterprise. ModuSense complements our portfolio, adding proven full-stack, off-the-shelf SaaS solutions and more flexible and agile gateway sensing. 

Together with ModuSense, FreeWave brings fully integrated, game-changing IIoT solutions to market quickly.

Here are three significant business benefits from FreeWave’s joint venture with ModuSense

  • The joint venture allows for enhanced agility to improve our time to market for new solutions.
  • Together, we can quickly adapt to market trends.
  • With ModuSense, FreeWave can accelerate its ability to quickly bring fully integrated, drop and play solutions to the market. 

“Our combined portfolio delivers a super powerhouse of capabilities to customers hungry for integrated solutions designed to make remote industrial operations more efficient, make critical data more intelligent, and help save money to make money. FreeWave brings decades of manufacturing discipline, governance, and due diligence to our agile innovation process. We make a formidable team in the industrial IoT market and look forward to developing out-of-the-box solutions that will have an immediate market impact.” 

– ModuSense CEO Bruce Trevarthen

“The ModuSense joint venture expands our portfolio and accelerates our ability to bring fully integrated, game-changing IIoT solutions to market quickly. Their entrepreneurial model gives us a flexible and agile innovation center to respond to customer and market needs faster with off-the-shelf and fully customized IIoT solutions. We’re energized by the possibilities for our integrated solution roadmap.”

– FreeWave Technologies CEO Kirk Byles

FreeWave and ModuSense: accelerating global hardware and software IIoT development capabilities in meaningful and immediately measurable ways. 

Learn how FreeWave can give your industrial operations an intelligent edge with a comprehensive suite of long-range radios, edge computers, rugged sensors, and more.

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