IoT Top News: A Sensor Driven World

Much of the world around us is becoming driven by sensors, where we are able to track and map numerous possibilities with countless M2M and IoT solutions. So, we wanted to highlight some of the trending use applications of sensors today. The Army is looking at installing sensors to their combat soldiers The Army is looking for a way to better track the health and well-being of their soldiers in combat, and current health fitness sensors have too many irregular findings. Jennings Brown with Vocativ informs us that “The United States Department of Defense is interested in monitoring the health of soldiers in real-time.”   Although it is interesting to see Army uses of sensors. One must ask how sensors impact the industry at large? IoT is responsible for propelling sensors further into our world. Recent findings from ABI Research show that you can’t have one without the other — meaning, as we continue to explore the numerous IoT and M2M solutions it is only natural that we also see a dramatic increase in sensors used across the board. Peter Clarke with EET Asia reports, “ABI Research reckons sensors and peripherals will be 65 percent of an installed base of 47 billion units by 2021, double the 2016 level.”   The latest IoT Sensors Market Report for 2015-2023 sheds light on the global growth of sensors. An increased demand for sensors is expected to impact the industrial and automotive IoT sectors according the the recent ReportBuyer’s IoT Sensors Market research. Electronic News has shared the latest  findings from the ReportBuyer’s IoT Sensors Market 2015-2023 report which states, ” There will be a number of opportunities for the global IoT sensors market. One such opportunity is the increasing development of ‘smart cities’ around the world. IoT sensors will need to be used in aspects such as smart meters, smart grids, intelligent traffic management systems and smart packing, among others.”   Sensors are being used in both industrial and consumer IoT applications across the board. As technology improves, it is now easier to create higher quality sensors for a fraction of the cost, opening the doors for more industrial and consumer IoT applications. Mary Catherine O’Connor with IoT Journal believes that with the growth of IoT sensor applications,  That means there is a big opportunity for systems integrators in this market. There may also be an opportunity for companies that develop their own sensor-integration capabilities. It will be fascinating to watch the market develop.”   With that said, we can’t forget to realize that implementation of any IoT sensors will require a sensor-2-server plan, that will ensure the data makes it safely in real-time to the intended end-user.

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