Your Employees are Talking, But Are You Listening?

FreeWave’s Kirk Byles explains why listening to your employees is an easy way to increase engagement and productivity among remote teams. WIRED recently published an article about why we are seeing pushback from executives about working from home despite the fact that businesses have transitioned successfully to the WFH model and employees routinely express greater […]

Smart Farmers Use Data, Do You?

Data has revolutionized the planting, growing, and harvesting of crops on farms worldwide. Here’s why intelligent farmers use data to drive decisions and boost profits. Data, not unlike the introduction of the cotton gin during the Industrial Revolution, is rapidly changing the way farmers make decisions and operate their businesses. It’s not just to save […]

Five Ways to Improve Agricultural Efficiency With IIoT

The IIoT benefits farmers and their products substantially, especially regarding how efficient growth cycles can become. Learn more in this article. It’s estimated today that half of the organizations in the agriculture sector have adopted IIoT capabilities, according to Inmarsat Research. Even those who have yet to buy-in, largely agree that the Industrial Internet of […]

A Starter’s Guide to IIoT and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (aka Industry 4.0)

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing how businesses operate and manufacture products. In this guide, learn how the IIoT plays a considerable role in this movement. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, is a term many use to describe the new way products are created and sold thanks to technology, specifically the Industrial Internet of Things […]

15 Benefits of Embracing IIoT and Automation for Manufacturing

The Industrial Internet of Things helps leaders thrive in crowded and even dangerous markets. Here are 15 benefits of embracing IIoT for manufacturing. Embracing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for manufacturing is one way to win in highly competitive or dangerous markets. Automating production and relying on high-tech sensors to give you crucial feedback […]

Automation in Oil and Gas: A Starter’s Guide

From drilling to logistics to preventing theft, automation in oil and gas is quickly becoming the standard. Learn how tech helps increase ROI and improves safety in this starter guide. Since the 1990s, businesses have looked at how automation in oil and gas can improve worker safety, improve efficiency, and increase the bottom line. Today, […]

Increasing Healthy Food Access and Improving Yields With Harvest Automation

Increasing Healthy Food Access and Improving Yields With Harvest Automation What is automation in agriculture, and how are farmers using robots and other technologies to streamline food production? Our guide explains it all. From farm to table, technology in agriculture is quickly becoming an essential part of how Americans access healthy food. Experts anticipate explosive […]

IIoT For Electric Utilities: The Past, Present, and Future

Electric companies are poised to become future IIoT leaders. Here’s why. Primarily driven by Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has fundamentally changed electric utilities. Technologies that let devices act as two-way communicators between consumers and utility providers paved the way for new opportunities. Digital transformation is here, and businesses have […]

What Does the Future Hold for IIoT, Automation, and Edge Computing?

    From narrowband communications to edge computing, FreeWave continues to solve significant customer challenges with IIoT, automation, and data collection. We are excited about our 2021 product roadmap. We are making a significant leap forward into Edge Computing. This quarter, we will be releasing two new products:  FreeWave Edge and FreeWave Fusion Bridge. Before […]

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