An Industrial IoT Anniversary

Wow, what a year! This post marks the one year anniversary of publishing Industrial IoT top news, trends and highlights, and we wanted to dedicate a recap post to our favorite articles throughout the past year. In particular, a lot of attention has been paid to the happenings in precision agriculture, oil and gas, unmanned systems, the smart grid, public utilities, manufacturing, machines and machine learning, […]

The Glue that Holds Our “Connected” Dreams Together

Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons The visage of our “smart” or “connected” destiny is often presented to us in broad strokes: self-driving vehicles, connected homes, logistics, wearables – the list continues on with each piece of evolving and maturing technology. Smart cities have a bright future, and the application possibilities seem expansive, but often lost […]

Smart Grid: IoT’s Next Frontier

If smart grids across the world are headed towards an IoT frontier, what come’s next? According to a recent report, Ericsson estimated there will be 1.5 billion IoT devices adopted by the utility and energy industries as early as 2020. The rise of the smart grid seeks to tackle energy producers’ needs to direct power and resources as efficiently as possible. It’s not enough to know where all the utility lines are […]

Machine Hackathon: DARPA Plays Cyber Capture the Flag

A machine hackathon is about to take on a whole new meaning as Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DRAPA) prepares to hold it’s first ever machine-only hackathon. With a specific focus on cybersecurity, this cyber version of Capture the Flag (CTF), is DARPA’s way of combating the onset of cyber attacks in real-time. DARPA’s normal approval process is lengthy; once a […]

IoT Evolution Expo 2016 Recap

IoT Evolution Expo invaded Las Vegas this week by taking over Caesars Palace. The conference focus was to be a premier source of information needed to help drive your enterprise forward with the latest in IoT applications. A few of the tracks found this year at IoT Evolution included IoT Security, Fog Computing and IoT Enterprise. […]

IIoT Top News: Machine Learning

Machine-to-machine (M2M) learning is an integral apart of the expanding world of Industrial IoT. Over the past few months we have given attention to manufacturing and its current digital disruption, but have failed to show the direct impact smart M2M and IoT technology is having on the industry. So, this week we are diving deeper into the […]

Internet of Things Expo: What to expect this week

The Internet of Things (IoT) is essential for both enterprise and personal, everyday use. Leading research firms agree that IoT will experience an unbelievable boom, possibly into the tens of billion devices by 2020 as computers, smartphones and sensors all require connectivity. This week’s Things Expo is a SYS-CON Media annual event, designed to help make sure your […]

IIoT + S2S = Industrial Innovation at the Access Layer

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is moving at a rapid pace towards a higher intelligence platform to help collect, protect, transport and control data at scale from a myriad of sources. The access layer in the IT landscape is now particularly becoming an innovative technology environment with many new sensory solutions available to bring intelligence back to the […]

ENTELEC 2016 Conference News Roundup

This past week many of you migrated to Houston, Texas for the annual Energy Telecommunications and Electrical  Association Conference (ENTELEC). This user association had around 200 vendors, that mainly focus on control technologies that are used by petroleum, natural gas, pipeline and electric utility companies. In honor of this being the 88th year of ENTELEC, […]

Who’s Your Betamax of IoT Standards?

Image Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons In the world of IoT/IIoT an explosion of standards has fallen upon us. While we all can agree that standards are what binds our current communication infrastructures together, it does take time for the victorious standard to rise to the top of adoption. Some of us remember the battle […]