IoT Evolution Expo 2016 Recap

IoT Evolution Expo invaded Las Vegas this week by taking over Caesars Palace. The conference focus was to be a premier source of information needed to help drive your enterprise forward with the latest in IoT applications. A few of the tracks found this year at IoT Evolution included IoT Security, Fog Computing and IoT Enterprise. Overall this expo gave attendees the chance to listen to various talks and panel discussions, as well as hands-on demos on the exhibitor floor, and evening networking nights with industry experts and peers.

Here are some of the posts during the event:

Diving into the IoT Evolution sessions, we learn the weakness of our smartphone.

Godfrey Chua, analyst at Machina Research, informs us that the smartphone can be a very weak link in IoT and M2M communications when it is used as a remote control.

And…IoT Evolution continued with more panel discussions.

Yann Kulp, VP SmartSpace North America with Schneider Electric tells us that, the panel with GE, Amazon, US Celluar and Argus Insights offered intriguing updates with the use of Wiser Air in your home and other Wi-Fi IoT applications.

FreeWave was fortunate to participate this year on both the Oil and Gas: Pirates and Protection, as well as the Brown Field Round Table: What to do when it’s too late to start again panel discussions. The Pirates and Protection panel give us all a chance to dive deeper into the critical industries and what IoT secure options area available for these remote locations. My second panel of the night with the Brown Field Round Table gave attendees to hear real world case study examples of Sensor-2-Server implementation challenges with blending older SCADA systems with the latest IoT solutions for continuous real-time results.

 Time to see an IoT application at work!

James Brehm & Associates tried their hand at capturing this IoT conference with virtual reality technology. A new solution from RICOH THETA. The 360 angle is best viewed prior to hitting up Margaritaville.

Interesting to see the “Workspaces & IoT” concept discussed as well.

Digital workspaces takes center stage at IoT Evolution as Global Workspace Analytics reports 3.7 million U.S. employees now work from home. Cynthia Artin with IoT Evolution informs us that,”while the IoT is arguably taking off faster in more industrial domains (factories, farms, transportation), and has the most “sizzle” in consumer domains (smart homes, smart cars, fitness wearables), there is new energy forming around IoT enhanced offices.”

Now as this year’s IoT conference comes to a close, we remember all the ways IoT will change our enterprise and our life this year. One thing is clear, the more we innovate, the more we strive to become more efficient, automated and safety operated within fog computing and cloud applications.

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s roundup, as always tells us about your IoT highs and lows.

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