ZumIQ Named Finalist in Control Engineering’s “Engineers’ Choice Awards”

Last week, Control Engineering Magazine announced our new ZumIQ App Server as a finalist in its Control Engineering 2018 Engineers’ Choice Awards program! This award opportunity is particularly exciting for FreeWave because along with the industry-wide respect that the magazine garners, the products themselves go through a fairly comprehensive review before being selected as a finalist. In late September, we officially announced the ZumIQ App Server, which combines 900 MHz wireless telemetry with the ability to program and host third-party applications, similar to a Linux-based Raspberry Pi embedded in an industrial Ethernet radio. One of the really cool (in our opinion!) facets of the ZumIQ is that Industrial IoT developers can program with any language that is compatible with a Linux kernel, including: Python, Java, C++, Node-RED and Node.js development environments. The ZumIQ App Server software comes pre-loaded with Node-RED, Python and MQTT for easy industrial IoT app development. For FreeWave, it really plants a flag in the ground for our ongoing goal of bringing true intelligence to the Edge. More importantly, it is a true testament to the engineering talent here that have bought into the company’s vision and put together an innovative, game-changing piece of hardware. We’d love to share a little more about the ZumIQ. To learn more, check out our ZumIQ Solutions Brief that can be downloaded here: https://www.freewave.com/zumiq-solution-brief-download/ If you like that, then we’d also love it if you headed over to the Control Engineering website and gave our ZumIQ a vote of confidence! You can find that link here: https://gspplatform.cfemedia.com/pe/productProfile/598e03dbe4b044ddd0c2ebbb It is an exciting time to be part of the FreeWave team, and part of the growth of Industrial IoT in general. The transformations over the last few years have been staggering, and the momentum and understanding of how these systems can improve business, quality of life and many other facets of our critical industries has only continued to grow.

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