FreeWave’s Steve Wulchin Returns as CEO

On January 9, 2023, Steve Wulchin returned as CEO of FreeWave Technologies.  Steve served as the company’s CEO from founding — as one of its co-founders —until 2014.  An experienced business leader, Wulchin will succeed Kirk Byles and assume responsibilities immediately. Mr. Byles has left the company to pursue other opportunities.

As the chairman, co-founder, and former CEO of FreeWave, Steve has been intimately involved since its inception three decades ago. Steve’s vision has always been to create a great company with great products and amazing people who are driven to provide superior solutions and service to our customers.

“Steve’s leadership will propel FreeWave forward into the vision set for its IoT-enabled success and next phase of growth.” said Bob Dimicco, FreeWave board member.

Wulchin holds an MBA from the University of Texas and a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia. His passion for both the wireless industry and FreeWave’s evolution as an intelligent edge solutions provider played a pivotal role in the company’s success to date.

“FreeWave is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the cloud-enabled data opportunities available in the IoT space.” said Nazila Alasti, board member. “With Steve at the helm I’m excited to see what the team can do to bring that vision to fruition.”

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