FreeWave launches IoT-enabled Satellite Proof of Concept program for high-capacity, smart connectivity in remote locations

BOULDER, CO April 18, 2024 – In its latest move in advancing industrial digital transformation, IIoT data solutions innovator FreeWave Technologies is launching a satellite solutions proof of concept (PoC). The PoC includes expert white-glove support and up to five complementary satellite devices for remote industrial operators looking to explore the cost benefits of leveraging satellite for backhaul or primary connectivity*.

FreeWave’s Satellite (PoC) enables companies to access enhanced data-driven analytics in its FreeWave Insights™ data platform, while also reducing operational costs and increasing productivity by utilizing powerful and reliable Internet of Things Satellite (IoToS) technology.

The limited-time PoC offer allows qualified users to select up to five ORBCOMM ST9100 or ST6100 units for their implementation. *Eligibility requires that users purchase FreeWave’s network optimization (set-up and activation) and enroll in a one-year ISATDATAPRO plan per device provided by Viasat.

“FreeWave is truly excited for this opportunity to collaborate with its customers, giving their organizations the ability to unlock growth with satellite-connected remote IoT solutions at an affordable cost,” said Mike Tate, FreeWave’s COO and SVP of global sales and marketing. “With this offer, we will assist these customers and organizations to gain the actionable insight into the data they need to drive informed business decisions, reducing overall costs while improving productivity across the board.”


FreeWave Technologies is an authorized global reseller of ORBCOMM devices and a Viasat ELEVATE program Wholesale Connectivity Partner.


About FreeWave Technologies

Based in Boulder, Colo., FreeWave Technologies is an IIoT data solutions provider that believes data unlocks true business transformation for those operating in the hardest-to-reach places on earth. For more than 30 years, the company has equipped remote industrial operators with edge intelligent radios and solutions – manufactured in the United States – to optimize the extreme edge of their operations. Today, FreeWave integrates its powerful Insights™ data platform, data visualization through a single pane of glass, remote monitoring at the edge, and turnkey connectivity – including satellite – to create an intuitive path from operational data to extraordinary decision-making for business transformation at scale. Visit to get started.

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