From Idea to Optimized in Days

FreeWave works with you to create a complete and optimized satellite-connected IoT network within just days. No heavy lifting on your part. Plug it in, power it up, and get that data flowing.

It's Your Data, Your Network

Dive into the future of IoT remote monitoring and control with a partner that brings innovation and optimization to your satellite-connected networks for nearly dollars a day. From edge to cloud to SCADA, we're revolutionizing the way businesses connect.

Revolutionize Your Data

Why Choose Us?

Key Benefits

  1. Plug & Play Deploy a fully optimized solution in just days.
  2. Cost-Efficient Enjoy unparalleled services for just dollars a day.
  3. Trusted Expertise Rely on over 30 years of leadership in IoT space.

By The Numbers




Years of unmatched IoT
expertise and innovation.

Rapid deployment of plug-and-play
 solutions for instant benefits.

Days, not months, to get your customer’s
a fully-optimized IoT network

You're Days Away from Connecting Your Data

Please complete the form to the right and we will be in touch, shortly, to discuss your PoC needs and how we can get working on a cost-effective, optimized solution for you or your customers. We're offering up to five (5) satellite devices for the PoC - you need simply to purchase one (1) year of service to be eligible. Don't let that scare you away - it's dollars a day.

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Designed, manufactured and tested in the USA.

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