Satellite Solutions from FreeWave

Connecting you to your critical network data with secure, highly reliable, low-latency global coverage solutions while also providing you immediate accesss to visualizations and alerts.

Yes, it’s possible.

Data is everywhere. We’re helping to make sure your team has access to it in an easy to use, always available solution from FreeWave. You’ll be able to visualize the data that’s important to your business. You’ll be able to receive alerts that make the difference between continuity of production and downtime. 

Data is in remote, harsh environments where connectivity isn’t often reliable. Without on-site connectivity to gather and share real-time data, your operations could be suffering.

Trusted for decades in many remote deployments, FreeWave solutions stand the test of time . With satellite-connected devices from ORBCOMM® deliver the reliable connectivity with Viasat® data service we’re to help bridge the coverage gap in your remote networks. 

Your critical remote data is now available with FreeWave insight

We’ve designed a data tool that you’ve requested, complete with alerting, alarming and visualizations to help your teams make better decisions, faster.

...together with a robust device portfolio from ORBCOMM that gives you anywhere, anytime edge connectivity

  • Improves environmental outcomes
  • Improves operational efficiency and commercial results
  • Bridges the gap with reliable low-cost, low-power options
  • Can improve sustainability metrics and help move toward ESG targets
  • Answers the “bring your own” backhaul solution

Leverage trusted solutions from leading providers and service offerings from the team you trust - FreeWave. Get in touch today.

ST 9100

Dual-mode (satellite and cellular 4G LTE/3G/2G) Gateway to monitor assets in even the most remote locations. The ST 9100 is kitted with a 5M blunt cable, connector cable, and free antenna.

ST 2100

Small IDP Modem designed for easy installation and simple AT commands. Ideal for fleet management, cathodic protection, and SCADA monitoring.

ST 6100

Small programmable IDP Gateway, Low Power, 20 degree look angle.

...carried by the robust, reliable and resilient Viasat data satellite plans that provide what you need, where you need it

  • Maximize your IoT solution flexibility and scale with your needs
  • Highly predictable data use that allows pooling of data within each rate plan for peace of mind
  • Global coverage reaching the farthest areas (except far extreme polar regions)
  • Low cost technology optimized for industrial IoT/M2M 

We're ready to help connect you to your data, today.

Network benefits include

  • Flexible, configurable remote, power management eases battery usage with scheduled receive intervals and immediate transmissions
  • Standard over the air firmware upgrades
  • Data use is purposeful and efficient with no “mailbox check” or IP overhead
  • Maximum message size for optimal system usage – to terminal 10,000 bytes, from terminal 6,400 bytes
  • Latency performance less than 15 seconds 95% of the time

FreeWave delivers critical remote data from prohibitive and costly locations.

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FreeWave is one of a handful of direct global resellers for both ORBCOMM and Viasat offering our customers competitive data plan rates and unmatched service and support.

Is satellite-connectivity the right solution for your business?

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