Rugged IIoT Solutions That Can Weather Any Storm

Mount Washington Observatory (MWO) is a research facility located at the heart of what many consider the “home of the world’s worst weather.” Think thick ice, dense fog, drifting snow, powerful winds, sub-arctic temperatures, rapidly changing conditions and more fog.

The New Hampshire-based facility provides critical research data on the Earth’s climate and doubles to protect the lives of the MWO crew, US Forest Service Snow Rangers and New Hampshire Fish and Game employees by providing real-time weather updates. Collecting data is critically important for MWO operations and the safety of those it helps protect. In this vicious and unforgiving environment, FreeWave’s rugged IIoT solutions are responsible for delivering the data that is invaluable to research and safety efforts.

Powering through Fog and Ice

The extreme conditions at the MWO facility range from fog with 50-100 mph winds to sub-arctic temperatures that are accompanied by 140+mph winds and thick ice. The weather is known to change frequently and fast, with ice accretion rates of up to 12” per hour — and visibility is often limited or non-existent. These extremes make it the ideal location for studying the environment and climate. However, when search and rescue teams are deployed the situation can quickly become dangerous. They rely on MWO’s real-time data to assess conditions. As you can imagine, there is little room for connectivity issues when people are out in the elements.

Ruggedized IIoT Solutions

The key to establishing a network at Mount Washington is robust and hardened technology that will perform in the Summer and Winter extremes. For more than 13 years, FreeWave 900MHz spread spectrum radios have delivered the data that the crew relies on to survive some of the most intense weather in North America.  While the technology is constantly exposed to the rough conditions, it performs day-in and day-out, providing critical data around the clock.

Check out the full case study, including a description of the network here:


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