MM2 Series OEM

900 MHz Board-Level Radios

If your OEM product needs a proven wireless data solution, look no further than FreeWave’s MM2 Series OEM, a family of small-but-mighty radios with all the functionality of their larger-footprint counterparts.

The 900 MHz MM2 is our leading OEM product, designed to provide the same outstanding performance, reliability, and quality you’ve come to expect from FreeWave in a small form factor for applications where size, weight, and power are at a premium.

How to Buy

mm2 series oem product line

Key Features

  • Versatile

    Gateway, Endpoint, Repeater, or simultaneous Endpoint and Repeater function in a single radio

  • Cost-Effective, Easy to Deploy

    Operates in unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum

  • Long Range

    Up to 97 km (60 miles) with clear line of sight with the ability to extend through Repeaters

  • Low Power

    Ideal for solar, battery, and DC applications

  • Noise Immunity

    Superior performance in noise-congested environments

  • Unmatched Signal Performance

    Unique combination of overload immunity and sensitivity

  • Secure

    Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology prevents detection and unauthorized access; 128, 192, and 256-bit AES encryption options

  • Compact & High-Performing

    Optimal Cost, Size, Weight, and Power (CSWaP) combination

  • Industrial Grade

    100% tested for RF performance in operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C

  • Error-Free Communications

    32-bit CRC with automatic retransmissions



MM2-MR, MM2-LV-T, and MM2-T User Manual

MM2-9X5W User Manual



Board Level Unit, Serial, RS232, MMCX Connector

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, Serial, RS232, MMCX Connector, C1D2

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, Serial, RS232, SSMC Connector

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, Serial, TTL, MMCX Connector

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, Serial, TTL, MMCX Connector, C1D2

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, Ethernet, RS232

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, Ethernet, TTL

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, Ethernet, RS232, C1D2

Download Datasheet


Board Level, Ethernet, RS232 with RJ45, C1D2

Download Datasheet


Two MM2-P-T Radio Modules, 2 IP Mini Interface Boards, and Accessories

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, TTL, 3.5V

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, TTL, 3.5V, RoHS

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, TTL, 3.5V, UL Approved, C1D2

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, TTL, 5.0V, RoHS

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, TTL, 5.0V, Rcv Only

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, TTL, 5W

Download Datasheet


Conformal Coated MM2-9X5W

Download Datasheet


Board level, Ethernet, RS232, UL Class 1 Div 2

Download Datasheet


Board Level Unit, Serial, TTL, MMCX ConnectorBoard level, Ethernet, RS232

Download Datasheet


Is the MM2 OEM Series right for my application?

We’ll help you decide. Tell us your operational requirements so that we can recommend your best-fit solution.

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