FGR2-IO Series

900 MHz Remote I/O Solutions

Companies turn to FreeWave for I/O wireless solutions that are rugged, easy to use, flexible, and cost-effective. Our I/O portfolio, including the FGR2-IO Series, drives wireless industrial operations and provides the foundation for process automation and savings.

FGR2-IO radios are available as standalone board-level or enclosed devices, as well as in an expandable format to meet any wireless I/O need. All models can operate in one of two modes: Modbus and Wire Replacement. In Modbus mode, all radios can be directly connected as an I/O peripheral to a SCADA network. For wireless replacement mode, FGR2-IOS and FGR2-IOE can operate as a slave connected to an FGRIO-M master.

Key Features

  • Versatile

    User configurable as I/O digital or analog; embedded I/O functions available as a board-level device or in an enclosure

  • Cost-Effective, Easy to Deploy

    Operates in unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum

  • Long Range

    Up to 97 km (60 miles) with clear line of sight with the ability to extend through Endpoint/Repeater; Modbus Gateway can be any FGR Series radio

  • Low Power

    Ideal for solar-powered applications

  • Secure

    Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology prevents detection and unauthorized access

  • Noise Immunity

    Superior performance in noise-congested environments

  • Error-Free Communications

    32-bit CRC with automatic retransmissions

  • Industrial Grade

    Class I, Division 2 certified; operating in temperatures from -40°C to +75°C



Rugged Enclosure, C1D2


Board Level Unit, C1D2


Expandable I/O


Wire Replacement Master


IO Expansion Module: 4 Universal Points, 4 Input Points, 2 Discrete Relay Input Points, 2 Discrete Relay Output Points


IO Expansion Module: 4 Universal Points, 4 Input Points, 4 Discrete Relay Output Points


IO Expansion Module: 4 Universal Points, 4 Input Points, 4 Discrete Relay Input Points

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