ZumLink 900 Series – Replacement for HTPlus


Although FreeWave no longer provides the HTPlus Series of 900MHz industrial radios, existing HTPlus networks can be extended with the new ZumLink 900 Series radios with NO change in performance and absolutely NO additional radio hardware. The ZumLink Series has comparable specifications to the HTPlus Series and employs several revolutionary enhancements including:

  • ZumBoost (four performance enhancing algorithms can be used independently or together to ‘boost’ throughput in the most demanding RF environments.)
    • Packet Compression
    • Packet Aggregation
    • Forward Error Correction
    • Adaptive Spectrum Learning (ASL)
  • IP Filtering to optimize traffic
  • Significantly higher throughput options
  • ZumIQ Application Programmability and app-hosting at the edge

FreeWave’s goal is to offer our Channel Partners and End-users the best RF technology available. The industry’s highest throughput coupled with intelligent RF like ZumBoost and ZumIQ App Programmability set the new standard for Edge Computing.


Remote Tank Automation

FreeWave’s innovative 900 MHz ZumLink IPR App Server Radio combines intelligence at the edge with a state of the art high speed radio communication platform. Now users can write Apps and integrate measurement, control, data storage and analytics at the sensor/device/radio level AND publish analytics to the cloud or another host system.

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High-Speed Network Upgrade

A large independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company expressed a need to upgrade an existing network in Texas in order to meet increasing data flow demands and implement field software applications that would help boost production.

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