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Oil & Gas and Energy

Empowering energy operations with an intelligent edge

Legacy infrastructures lead to inaccessible, siloed data.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) presents a framework for oil and gas modernization that enhances the extensibility of existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks, infusing them with real-time data insights to power full operational control.

Bring Future-Ready Intelligence to Your Oilfield, Today

For 25 years, FreeWave has been the trusted partner of top-tier oil & gas leaders seeking to improve operational visibility and control with reliable wireless data transfer across their remote and rugged operations. Now, we’re giving them the ability to rapidly enhance their existing SCADA communications with new edge computing capabilities – reducing bandwidth requirements while achieving millisecond response times.

Our IQ-infused edge computer and edge intelligent radios can be used to rapidly upgrade entire fields of legacy PLCs and RTUs at a fraction of the cost to replace them, and allow you to get more data from the same devices, much more often than with traditional polling and at much lower latency.

oil and gas

Enabling Technologies

Rugged Wireless Radios
Embedded to Enclosed


Edge Computing
For Digital Oilfield Applications

Edge Sensing
For Real-time Remote Monitoring

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What’s Enabled

With FreeWave’s ultra-reliable RF foundation and edge computing platform, oil fields can enable any number of smart energy applications, including but not limited to:

disaster avoidance

Chemical Management

Proactively monitor the performance of chemical injection mixtures and drive up to 10% savings per year in chemical supply costs.

preventive maintenance

Remote Wellhead Monitoring

Gain 24/7/365 access to real-time wellhead conditions, flows, and status – and eliminate up to $15,000 in manual inspection costs.

employee performance

Production Uptime Management

Implement applications to run uptime analytics at remote sites that can save as much as $25 million per day in potential downtime costs.

peak time energy usage

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs by 10% to 40% using applications that enable the prediction of asset performance and failures.

peak time energy usage

Network Bandwidth Optimization

Move from a poll-response to publish/subscribe architecture to reduce bandwidth consumption by 80% to 95% while gaining near real-time response times.

drilling optimization

Process & Production Optimization

Rapidly gain a platform to implement advanced oilfield analytics that can yield returns as high as 30-50 times investment in as little as months.

Accuflow optimizes gas exploration

Accuflow Enables Remote Monitoring Efficiencies at California Oilfield

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Optimizes communications

Peruvian Energy Company Optimizes Communications with FreeWave’s Wireless M2M Solutions

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It’s all possible with FreeWave.

FreeWave’s integrated edge connectivity and computing platform makes it easy to add a ‘smart layer’ to your existing SCADA system with secure plug-and-play scalability not tied to proprietary protocols and processes.


Low-power, operating in broad temperature range


60+ mile connectivity range in challenging RF environments


Many of our original Oil & Gas installs are still in operation today


Our IQ-infused products move processing to where remote operations take place, and bring those edge insights to you in real time


Network Upgrade: Texas Oilfield

Case Study

Network Upgrade: Texas Oilfield

FreeWave facilitates this oilfield’s seamless transition from legacy radios to a rugged, high-speed radio network.

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Remote Asset Monitoring: Natural Gas Exploration Company

Case Study

Remote Asset Monitoring: Natural Gas Exploration Company

Accuflow develops custom industrial apps with the IQ Application Environment for the remote monitoring of oil field assets.

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Commercial & Enterprise Applications at a Glance

Application Note

Commercial & Enterprise Applications at a Glance

Explore the many applications of FreeWave products in Oil & Gas, Utilities, Precision Agriculture, and much more.

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FreeWave and Ignition Edge MQTT:

Modernize your industrial edge, today.

Together, FreeWave and Inductive Automation will transform your poll-response topology into a modern, bandwidth-efficient publish/subscribe architecture – rapidly enhancing the investments you already have.

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