Transform your products into IIoT solutions



Transform your products into IIoT solutions

Your industrial products are only as good as their components.

Today’s innovative, data-driven applications require products that can offer built-in connectivity as well as onboard intelligence. FreeWave empowers you with compact, industrial-grade solutions to deliver both.

Rapidly Infuse Your Products with IIoT-Ready Intelligence

You may know FreeWave’s ultra-reliable embeddable radios provide a Cost, Size, Weight, and Power (CSWaP) advantage with their small, lightweight form factor, industry-leading low power consumption, and low-cost integration. But did you know that they also now come with added IQ-infused edge computing capabilities for even bigger performance in the same small package?


That means that you can give your industrial products an edge over the competition with the ability to run applications at the asset or device level. By distributing computing rather than sending product-generated data all the way through the network for analysis, you save significant bandwidth and enable real-time actions to be made with mission-critical speed.


Embedded Wireless Radios
Offering a CSWaP Advantage

Edge Computing
Powering Intelligent Assets

What’s Enabled

By leveraging FreeWave’s RF innovation and edge computing capabilities, OEMs can create or enhance industrial-grade smart products and gain benefits related to:

Industrial Robotics
Enable the collection of real-time data on robotic performance to proactively address issues before they compromise production processes or cause downtime.
Network Bandwidth Optimization
Move from a poll-response to publish/subscribe architecture to reduce bandwidth consumption by 80% to 95% while gaining near real-time response times.
Self-Driving & Autonomous Vehicles
Leverage an embedded wireless solution to support real-time kinematics (RTK) for precision guidance that is 100x more accurate than traditional GPS.
Commercial Drones
Enhance unmanned aerial vehicle flights (UAV) flights with TDMA capabilities built into FreeWave’s radios.
Asset Tracking Systems
Use our powerful embedded solutions to dynamically track asset data from remote sensors in real-time, reducing “ghost assets” and inaccuracies to as little as 0.5%.
Smart Construction Equipment
Embed our hardened M2M wireless radios into your machines for reliable connectivity in rugged construction zones, and activate IQ to support onboard automation of key processes.

Florida Orchard Leverages FreeWave’s Embedded Solution in Autonomous Tractor for Precision Agriculture

Solarbeam Uses FreeWave’s Embedded I/O Radios to Support Real-Time Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Monitoring

It’s all possible with FreeWave.

Our solutions pack wireless and edge computing performance into a small package, making them ideal for integration into OEM systems. Added edge computing capabilities only enhance data collection and command and control.


Low-power, operating in broad temperature range


60+ mile connectivity range in challenging RF environments


Include inherently cybersecure FHSS technology and multiple encryption options

Future-Ready, Now

Our IQ-infused products move processing to where remote operations take place, and bring those insights to you in real time



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OEMs: Talk to FreeWave Today

Learn how we can partner together to support your wireless and edge computing integration needs.

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August 10, 2017