FreeWave Technologies Establishes New Board of Directors to Continue Growth Trajectory

BOULDER (July 9, 2019)FreeWave Technologies, a leader in long-range wireless and wired edge computing platforms, has formed a new Board of Directors comprised of highly accomplished executives in the IIOT, software, product development and professional infrastructure services industries to support its IIoT solution evolution. The company has enjoyed continued double digit growth over the last 10 consecutive quarters and is projecting 20+ percent growth in 2019 as their new Zum Intelligent Edge platform gains traction across medical, energy, government, defense and precision agriculture markets.

“This is an exciting time for FreeWave,” noted CEO Kirk Byles. “With a strong legacy and track record of success to build upon, we believe the guidance and engagement of a dynamic new Board of Directors who passionately embrace our vision will elevate the business to a new level; one that will allow us to more rapidly accomplish our global growth goals while firmly establishing our role as an IIoT technology leader.”

Members of FreeWave’s newly appointed Board include:

Steve WulchinChairman of the Board
Co-founder and former CEO of FreeWave Technologies, Wulchin now serves as Chairman of the Board. An accomplished industry leader, his commitment to and passion for both the wireless industry and FreeWave’s evolution into an intelligent edge solutions provider played a pivotal role in attracting and recruiting high caliber talent for FreeWave’s newly appointed Board of Directors.

Nazila Alasti
Alasti is a visionary technology executive with a career spanning startups to Fortune 100 publicly-traded companies. Analytical and creative, she is a serial entrepreneur with three successful market exits under her belt. She has also helped raise over $50M in capital. The Founder and CEO of Project FWD, she serves as a strategic advisor to the CEO and Board of SleepScore Labs and is on the board of Stanford Women on Boards. Most recently, as head of eBay’s Global Product Marketing organization, she led and delivered eBay’s first ever $300M global brand campaign and digital presence. At the same time, she drove the design and creation of Global Product Marketing, a new discipline for eBay, where she defined organizational scope, negotiated roles, responsibilities, and metrics for improving customer experiences.

Robert Dimicco
Dimicco has held VP/GM positions within Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, and Lowe’s Home Improvement. Over his storied career in the technology sector, he has delivered over $1.5 Billion in new revenue through product introductions and sponsored/co-sponsored 16 investments and strategic acquisitions totaling over $725 Million in cloud, securities and data technology. His passion for creating amazing products and services while scaling businesses will support FreeWave’s ambitions for continued double-digit growth for the foreseeable future.

Greg McCray
McCray is the CEO of FDH Infrastructure Services and member of the Board of Directors for Adtran. Throughout his technology career and as a CEO, he has led various technology companies — PipingHot Networks, Antenova and Aero Communications — through successful market exits, acquisitions and growth transformations. McCray also has deep previous leadership experience in large public corporations including IBM, Lucent Technologies, Google Fiber and as a Board Member at CenturyLink. For many years, he has run his own successful consulting firm focused on supporting newer technology companies, often functioning as an interim CEO when needed. His extensive expertise in growing revenue while focusing on profitably will help FreeWave focus on the bottom line while continuing to rapidly grow revenue.

Allen Proithis
Proithis is the CEO of Capstone Partners, a strategic advisory firm for clients in the mobile, IoT, software and technology industries. Capstone provides strategic advisory, ecosystem development and market insights to help clients accelerate time to market and revenue growth. Prior to Capstone, Allen was the President of Sigfox, North America, where he created a high-performance team of 100 people that built an Internet of Things business with top enterprise companies and verticals while providing wireless coverage for over 70M people in the US.

The acceleration of IIoT is generating greater demands for computing power at the edge as well as OT cloud capabilities. To address this need, FreeWave infused their legacy rugged OT products with open IQ Intelligence to make the growing proliferation of sensor and device data immediately actionable. By connecting devices to a smarter platform, companies can now reliably navigate the data-intensive realities of IIoT, create data transparency, foster interoperability to enrich existing infrastructure and enable new business models.

“Our approach allows organizations to move from reactive models to predictive models powered by AI at the edge to drive real-time decision making and operational efficiencies across the board — from optimizing PLCs and RTUs to pump and sensor-driven meters,” said Byles. “Now, industrial end users and OEMs operating in harsh, remote environments can take full advantage of the compute power traditionally only found in the closet or the cloud, moving away from proprietary protocols to more standards-based communications. With the guidance of our dynamic new executive team, we look forward to facilitating true business transformation.”

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With deployments in over 32 countries, our products are leveraged by industrial end users and OEMs alike to connect, control and optimize remote machines and processes in ways that enable smarter decisions, significant efficiency gains and immediate cost savings. Throughout our 25-year history, we’ve helped thousands of customers – government/defense, UAV/drone, precision agriculture, energy and smart grid networks – achieve reliable connectivity for data telemetry and command and control in some of the most challenging, remote and rugged environments in the world. Today, we are transforming the extreme edge of operations – and the proliferation of smart devices within it – into a connected part of the enterprise with our IQ edge computing platform and ecosystem of solutions evolved for IIoT. Are you ready to transform your operation? Visit to get started.

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